Football playground Tama, Liébana

Football playground Tama / Liébana
ES-39583 Tama, Liébana, Cantabria, Spain 

3,4 km away from Potes 

Done: since 2014


The quite complicated geographical location nor the climate can keep the players of the football club C.D.E. Valle Lebaniego, away from playing in the second regional league week after week.

Just at the entrance of the location Tama, a modest installation catches the attention of their visitors. It’s the football field “Álvaro González Soberón” called after one of the best players of the area, ex-player of the Racing Club Santander and these days player of the Espanyol Club Barcelona. Still a reference to a lot of young players having the same dream: to become a great football player in the future.

We’re not talking about the best installations in the world, but we do have one of the most excellent views being situated at the bottom of the Picos the Europa. This is the home to C.D.E. Valle Lebaniego, a Club counting with more youth year after year.  Not only because its foundation dates back from only six years ago but also thanks to Alberto Besoy, better known as Trevi, one of the responsible trainers of this Club. He says: “We want to be a football school, a place where kids from the area can practice this fantastic sport, as it’s the only Club within our valley”. 

The best of all is, that we dogs can keep our owners company and enjoy the matches with them. Of course only as long as we let the players run after the ball instead of us doing that. Let’s face it, me Tibor, I’m the fastest of them all and I would catch that ball before anyone else without any doubts. But we are here to support the kids and not to destroy their illusions. Like my humans enjoy watching the football matches, I come here frequently. Here a photograph of my friend Luna, the dog of one of the trainers. She won’t miss a match!

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