Los Gallegos (Bar), Potes

Los Gallegos (Bar)
Cimavilla s/n
ES-39570 Potes, Cantabria

Phone: +34 942 737018
Web: https://es-la.facebook.com/LosGallegosPotes


Just around the corner of the main street in the pedestrian area of Potes, you’ll find the bar “Los Gallegos”. In the past being a restaurant too, nowadays transformed into a cosy bar ideal for snacks and little meals.

Don’t worry, the narrow street offers a lot to smell but the good thing is, you’re allowed inside too! A nice decoration and a friendly staff with a touch of Peru, as the owner of this establishment,  Xavi, got his roots there will make you feel at home straight away.

The locals, my humans included, are especially fond of the well-prepared salads.  But also the typical snacks as well as specials like “fried Yuca” from Peru are worth a try.

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