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Casa Zalama, San Pelayo – Merindad de Montija


Casa Zalama
La Fuente, 13, 09569 San Pelayo – Merindad de Montija, Spain
Phone: +34 947565961, Mobile: +34 653714336
Web:   eMail:

Stay: 26th-27th Sept. 2014
7th – 8th Jan. 2016

Casa Zalama is a traditional wood and stone rural house in San Pelayo de Montija only an hour’s drive from Bilbao. I really loved its garden and the 3 dogs of the owners Mari Luz and Graeme.

We had a huge, rustic room with a nice wooden floor. My humans were happy with the tasteful decoration and the nice details all around. The only thing they missed was a TV in the room, even though they could watch TV in the living room. I was particularly pleased to meet the other dogs and the cat.

There’s a comfortable roomy sitting and dining room with a wood burning fire were my humans went to read a book and they had a fantastic breakfast and a fabulous dinner there too. I wasn’t allowed to get in, but in the meanwhile I joined the other dogs in the lovely garden.

My humans were charged 4 Euros for me. (The money is a donation for Albergue de Animales de Las Merindades)

**You can make nice walks or cycle tours starting from Casa Zalama. I ran a lot and collected lots of sticks too!



Hotel Villava, Pamplona


Hotel Villava Pamplona
Avenida Pamplona, w/n, 31610 Villava, Navarra, Spain
Phone: +34 948 333 676 Fax: +34 948 333 675

 Stay: 29th-30th Sept. 2014

We had a warm welcome at reception and got a nice spacious room. The car park (indoor) was for free and I was allowed to walk around there as well as in the hotel hall. At reception they asked for my human friends phone number in case they would want to leave me alone in the hotel room and I would cry. Not necessary, I can handle being alone for a while with my favourite toy “the duck” and my blanket! I’m not a puppy anymore!You’ll find this hotel a bit outside of Pamplona in the town of Villava. Just across the street there is a suitable place to get rid of those urgent pees. In the morning I always saw a lot of fellow dogs here and we all used this nice walking path grateful for our needs.

Besides they only let me alone during breakfast and dinner as I wasn’t allowed to enter in the hotel restaurant “Amatxi” and the bar.

My humans were happy with the free Wi-Fi connection, free car park, the facilities of the hotel and the fact that pets were allowed on request without any extra charges. Check for yourself, they’ve got a website! I was especially happy with the cool tiled floor and the short walk near the hotel.

**I recommend you all to do the nice walk, near the river to Pamplona! It’s just great. It took us about an hour or so. (approx. 4 km) Sometimes my humans let me walk off the leash, always respecting the rest of the people. I don’t know why, but some children believe I’m a wolf or fox and they can get scared of me. There were a lot of humans, some going really fast on wheels! There are special dog-friendly spaces to do your needs and also a playground, where I practised some agility. I met a lot of other dogs and marked the way carefully for all of you, so don’t worry, you’ll find it easily!

Hostal Rural Basajarau, Yosa de Sobremonte


Hostal Rural Basajarau
Unica w/n, 22638 Yosa de Sobremonte – Huesca, Spain
Phone: +34 —- , Mobile: +34 609884463

Stay: 23th-24th Sept. 2014


This dog friendly rural guest house is located in Aragon’s Pyrenees close to Jaca (30 km) and approx. 6 km from Biesca. This small mountain village is the perfect place if you’re looking for a place to relax or as a base for daytrips.

We arrived in the darkness so it was a bit hard to find for the humans of my herd. Once there we got a real warm welcome. Even the cats next door weren’t scared of me! I took my time to smell around, there was a lot of wood for the fireplace in the hall which was really nice. Once going up the lady showed us our pleasant, rustic room. Stone walls and a nice cool tiled floor, immediately I felt at home!

I explored the room and the communal areas like the living-/dining room and while my humans had dinner I took a nap next to the table. We were the only guests so nobody could feel offended by my presence. Afterwards I had food too and of course I had to go after that.
Just in front of the house, next to the parking they offer a nice garden and there is a walking trail,…. so plenty of possibilities! I definitely enjoyed the fresh air and the smell of the humid forest with its wildlife.

**You can make nice walks or cycle tours starting from Hostal Rural Basajarau. Both the “Ordesa y Monte Perdido” National Park and the “Formigal” Ski Resort are about 30 km away.