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Pamplona Walk


Villava – Pamplona walk

Starting from Villava hotel, along the Arga river
Tel: +34 848 420420, Tourist office Pamplona, Mail:

 Walk: 21.09.2014

As we stayed in the outskirts of Pamplona, Villava we decided to walk to the city centre from here. The friendly hotel staff gave us a map indicating the walk along the Arga river through the Magdalena area. It took us about over an hour, but we all enjoyed it a lot.

Starting in Villava you’ve got first of all a fitness parlour which I partly used to practise some agility as no humans were using the installations at that moment. Heading on we found a special dog field to do our things. There were quite some other dogs having a great time. We passes playgrounds for children, lots of families, skaters, cyclist…. it was actually a busy day! (It was on Sunday, so not a big surprise…) My humans had me almost all the time on the leash as it was so crowded, but anyway I fully enjoyed this walk. It was a sunny day, I met lots of friendly other humans and I made new friends too. Some people confused us with members of a Border Collie Club who used to meet every now and then to do activities together!

Walking along the river where people were practising kayaking too, was marvellous. And once we crossed the Magdalena bridge to enter the city of Pamplona I wasn’t even sad, because I knew we also had to get back!

Pamplona has a lot to offer, but as almost all cities it’s not the perfect place for a dog. Churches, shops it’s not really what we’re looking for, am I right? My human fellows strolled a bit around, had some “pinchos” and drinks and finally we went to one of Pamplona’s huge parks. As I was thirsty I loved the water taps all around and the smell of grass without being surrounded by buildings all the time.

Not necessary to mention how much I enjoyed our walk back home….. along the Arga river, right?

Monastery of Leire, walk to the Spring of San Virila, Leire


 Monastery of Leire with walk to the Spring of San Virila, Leire, Navarra, Spain

Tel: +34 948 884150, Monastery San Salvador of Leire, Mail:

Visit: 22.09.2014

 From the Monastery you’ve got Access to the spring of Saint Virila, the most enchanting of all legends of Leire. The history of Saint Virila isn’t just a legend, the truth is that Virila actually was an abbot of Leire.

You can start this well signposted walk, straight from the parking. Given that dogs aren’t allowed in the Monastery we decided to go for the walk. Although the weather wasn’t good, we could enjoy every now and then some great views over the reservoir of Yesa and the Monastery of Leire.

The further we got up the narrower the path. And in my opinion the more interesting it got! I strolled around between the trees, enjoying the smell of moss and humidity! To soon we arrived at the end, where we saw the legendary spring of Saint Virila. It’s definitely a special place!  The short walk was absolutely worth it. I recommend humans to wear proper footwear.

* Part of route “Navarra Media: Oriental”, see

Nature Reserve La Foz de Lumbier, Navarra, Spain


Nature Reserve la Foz de Lumbier, Navarra, Spain

Information Centre , Plaza Mayor s/n
ES-31440 Lumbier (Navarra)
Tel: +34 948 880874, Fax: +34 948 880875 , Mail: 

                                                                                                                                                             Visit: 22.09.2014

The nature reserve La Foz de Lumbier is an impressive gorge finding its way through limestone rocks due to erosion of the river Irati.  Situated in Lumbier.

From the parking you can go for a nice walk (Long: 5,5 km or short: 2,6 km). Quite at the beginning you’ve got to pass through a tunnel which might be a bit dark, especially for humans. My humans used their torch to see better. The short walk we did (due to the rainy weather circumstances), is also accessible with wheel chairs or prams.

It smells just great here! And… there are lots of birds and other creatures such as snails. Information boards inform people about the nature reserve and basically about the different kind of species. (Rock specialists such as: griffon vulture and other kind of vultures, crow, falcon, swallow…etc.)

More information is available at the information centre of the Foces, situated in Lumbier or at the tourist office. During high season reservations should be made. Fee for parking incl. Entrance to visitors centre 2€ (in 2014). There’s a nice BBQ area next to the parking.

*Route “Navarra Media: Oriental” of

Javier’s Castle, Javier, Navarra, Spain


 Javier’s Castle, Javier, Navarra, Spain

(8km from Sangüesa)
ES-31411 Javier (Navarra)
Tel: +34 948 884024, Fax: +34 948 884259 , Mail:

                                                                                                                                                              Visit: 22.09.2014

After a nice walk at the Foz de Lumbier gorge and on our way to the Monastery of San Salvador de Leire we hold for a short stop at Javier’s Castle.

Surrounded by a huge parking and a green area we found this amazing castle. As it was offseason we were the only ones and so my humans decided to take me first for a walk. This way I could do my things and enjoy a bit of fresh air. Bit by bit we walked up to the castle.

Once they asked for the entrance fee, the friendly ladies at reception invited me to stay with them in the meanwhile my humans would visit the museum. They offered me a nice spot under a beautiful wooden bank. We were all surprised and I guess that we usually are expected to wait in our cars, but it was my lucky day! I’m not sure it was a result of being so quiet or my charming looks…?

My humans visited the castle. The museum exposes a nice selection of documents, coins,  objects and paints from the century reflecting the culture, art and religion introduced by Javier, back then.

Next to the castle and museum there’s a basilica with a baptismal font were San Francisco de Javier received the sacrament of baptism.  After the visit I ran a bit around before we left this interesting place.

*Route 7 of the website.




Tourist office, Plaza de San Pedro 11-13
ES-22700 Jaca, Aragon, Spain
Tel: +34 974 360098, Fax: +34 974 355165,, Mail:

 Visit: 23.09.2014

 Jaca is situated in Northern Aragon, in the foothills of the Pyrenees. As we stayed in the small village of Yosa de Sobremonte, we just had a few hours to visit the city.

There’s a great wealth of monuments and magnificent scenery. Its plant and animal life so as its mountains and rivers are a perfect backdrop for all kinds of nature-related activities as well as sports for humans only on ice in the city and snow activities in the ski resorts of Astún and Candanchú nearby.  Jaca is an active city with plenty of parks and gardens to run around, play or go for a relaxed walk.

My favourite was a great park around the ancient “Ciudadela” where I spent most of the time. My humans got information at the tourist office for the next few days and I noticed generally a dog-friendly flair in this city.

I got especially a warm welcome in one of the restaurants “Meson Serrablo” with an inviting dog-welcoming sign at the entrance.



I don’t like it very much when my humans leave me in the car. Although it’s like a second home to me, temperature changes are a fact and mainly it’s extremely boring. Sometimes strangers even knock on the window and I’m not sure what they want from me. That’s why I recommend you all to take us with you, while you’re going for a meal. Here you’ll find some nice RESTAURANTS and bars here we dogs are welcome too.

Like always, they expect us to be calm and behave. So remember not to bark or run around! A lot of those places offer even special facilities such as a drinking bowl for us.

In case you’ve tried some restaurants or bars yourself, PLEASE SHARE YOUR OWN EXPERIENCES HERE ON THIS SITE.
Do not hesitate, mail me! Mail:

To search quickly by destiny use the “SEARCH” button! (Example: Cantabria, Rome, Amsterdam etc.)

Bocairent Camping & Villa Carmen


Zona de Acampada Villa Carmen

Carrer de la via Bocairent, Valencia, España
Movíl: +34 650202156  Mail:

Estancia: 08.-12. Sept. 2014

Villa Carmen Bocairent es una zona de acampada justo enfrente del Bocairent medieval. Un camping rural que tiene capacidad para, aproximadamente, 16 campistas. El diseño espacioso asegura que las parcelas se encuentran dispersas. Si te portas bien y no molestas a otros visitantes, puedes andar suelto! Los dueños del Camping tienen dos Bracos de Weimar muy majos.

Se puede permanecer con una tienda de campaña, o sino también con una caravana o auto caravana. Yo, Bruno fui con mi hijo Nandor y por supuesto nuestros humanos con nuestra tienda súper cómoda!  Desde la zona hay buenas vistas de la Sierra Mariola, del Bocairent medieval y de la ermita “El Sant Crist” en la montaña. Además en la zona se pueden visitar los jardines de Villa Carmen y la gran piscina (solo para humanos) con césped. El pueblo, Bocairent, está cerca, algo que siempre es importante para los humanos! Hay  tiendas,  supermercado, un cajero, etc. Como hay que pagar en efectivo en Villa Carmen Bocairent, eso sí es importante saberlo!

Nos gustaba mucho el césped y la sombra. También hay un sitio justo al lado donde puedes hacer tus cosas.  Hay un montón de rutas para andar, nosotros disfrutábamos mucho. Después nos relajábamos en nuestra tienda, como puedes ver en las fotos.

A nuestros humanos les gustaba mucho el trato de los dueños y el hecho de que sea un sitio familiar y pequeño. Los fines de semanas ellos traen pollo y patatas fritas que puedes pedir también por encargo. Hay una zona común con cocina y mesas con sillas para todos. En Villa Carmen ofrecen habitaciones.

Los humanos pagan entre 1,50 o 2,50 € por perro según la temporada (baja – alta). 

**Hay rutas de senderismo muy cerca igual que el pueblo.

Bocatería Bierzo


Bocatería Bierzo

C/San Roque
ES-39570 Potes, Cantabria

 Visit: 2014

Situated in the centre of Potes, opposite of both primary and secondary school. Providing snacks as “pinchos”, pizzas or hamburgers. During summertime they’ve got a nice sunny terrace outside too overlooking one of Potes bridges.

There’s a water tap, so there’s water for us dogs too! We’re allowed not only at the terrace, but also inside. Friendly staff and a lovely walk along the river nearby.

Walks & Sights

Like all dogs I love to explore! Enjoying a long walk in the mountains, an interesting city trip with nice parks, the open sea together with some waves and a beach where I can’t get tired of a cool fresh breeze, a rocky river…. just name it!

This site is particular about walks suitable for dogs. For instance, walks without a lead, unrestricted beach areas and, agility parlours, parks, playgrounds, water taps and go so on.
Also festivals, sights, special events might be an option. I’ve enjoyed once an open-air concert based on music and sounds which I enjoyed a lot. By the way, I wasn’t the only dog back then.


To search quickly by destiny use the “SEARCH” button! (Example: Cantabria, Potes, Picos de Europa etc.)

Mesón Serrable, Restaurant/Café


Mesón Serrablo (Restaurant/Café)

C/Obispo 3,
ES-22700 Jaca (Huesca)
Tel: +34 947 362418  eMail:  y www.facebook/mesonserrablo

Visit: 23.09.2014

Situated in the city centre of Jaca just between the Cathedral and the Mayor Street.

The inviting message on the door, makes you want to go in immediately. Nice and friendly staff. We are allowed everywhere and once the waitress saw me, she offered us a great table in a quiet corner, so nobody would disturb me having a nap while the humans were having lunch – nice gesture!

Open since 1980 this traditional stone house dated back from XVII century offers typical, homemade food from the area. There’s a cosy fireplace and you’re surrounded by  traditional decoration.  If the weather allows it, there’s a small terrace outside too.