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Hotel Rural La Estrella de Cuaña, Santibañez de Murias


Hotel Rural La Estrella de Cuaña ***, Santibañez de Murias

Barrio el Collao s/n

33676 Santibañez de Murias, Aller, Asturias, Spain
Tel: +34 985 485201 Mobile: +34 667 740 274

 Stay:  September 2012


This hotel has got a privileged location surrounded by silence and peace. We went with a voucher including SPA and a massage. Of course only for humans and not for me!

Our room was spacious and I felt at home. My humans liked it but weren’t thrilled. I guess they expected more of a three star hotel. When my humans went to use the SPA, I stayed in the room to have a nap. Unfortunately the SPA and massage didn’t convince my human mates either, they were rather disappointed by the state of the installations. The better for me, as they came back soon!
There’s an outdoor swimming pool as well, but it wasn’t functioning.  We used that spot for a short walk together with my human mates, fair enough!

It’s definitely not one of the best accommodations we’ve been to, but any way they did treat me well and made me feel welcome. As being a dog I can tell you, that’s not always the case!

The best is the setting and the variety of possibilities in the surroundings. They recommended us to go for the route “the gorge of Xanas”. Some say it’s even more beautiful than the Cares gorge! To me all that isn’t very significant. I just want to explore new places, smell, discover and mark my territory! Actually that route is an absolutely must do. (More info: see walks & sights)

**The route  “the Gorge of Xanas”, variety of short walks and MBT trails.


Hotel Casona del Busto***, Pravia, Asturias


Hotel Casona del Busto***, Pravia, Asturias

Calle Rey Don Silo 1, Pravia, Asturias, Spain
Phone: +34 985 822717 Mail:

 Stay: 14th – 15th April 2012


Hotel Casona del Busto can be found right in the historical centre of Pravia. It’s the oldest building in town. Since 1993 the Casona was transformed into a three star hotel. An ideal start point to visit the main cities of Asturias, such as Gijón, Oviedo and Avilés and the green coast side of Asturias.

We went to find out if I would be a good “Travel-dog” and to observe my behaviour away from home. It was my very first journey together with my humans. I’m not sure who was more nervous, them or me! They even carried my comfy cage to make sure I would feel at home. It helped, but even though I did howl a little when they left me alone in the room to have dinner in the hotel. Fortunately they turned up immediately, once they heard me, to let me know that everything was just fine. 

The staff of the hotel treated me nicely. They told us about a park nearby to go for a walk and so we did. I had time to do my things and we went to our car which was parked just around the corner (the hotel hasn’t got a private parking lot) for some of my toys. After that we returned to the hotel.

The room was exterior, nice and cosy with a wooden floor. Each room has a fully equipped private bathroom. There’s a roomy terrace, an indoor and outdoor patio, a billiard room, library, a cosy reading area and private dining rooms.

My humans paid 12 € a day for me.

**Places of interest near Pravia: The Pre-Romanic Museum of Santianes de Pravia, Viewpoint of Monteagudo, the cities Avilés, Gijón and Oviedo and a variety of beaches (where dogs aren’t allowed).


Hospedaje Javier, Isla, Cantabria


Hospedaje Javier (rural tourism)

Barrio el Hoyo (next to the church), Isla – Cantabria, Spain
Phone: +34 942 679772, Mobile: +34 607 763513  Mail:

 Stay: 4th – 5th January 2015


Hospedaje Javier is a rural house situated in the old town of Isla, next to the church and the Palace of the Great Condes.  We went to get to know Isla, its beaches and surroundings.

We just  arrived after lunchtime so I was longing for the beach. Lucky me, it was the first thing we did. The truth is to get there on foot, it’s quite a walk, but by car you’re there within 5 minutes. My humans weren’t that happy with the weather conditions but I completely disagreed. The wind, that nice fresh air, the whole beach all for myself, ….my mates, a ball,… that sounds all perfect to me!!!!

Once back, my humans enjoyed having a bath (hydro massage) while I took a nap at the nice tiled floor.

In my humans opinion it’s a youth hostel kind of place but with individual family rooms like in a B&B.  There’s a swimming pool in the garden, a playground for children with games and a BBQ. Probably an ideal place for families. Like we stayed here in January, we were the only guests, which was fine as we love it quiet! My humans imagine it will be quite different during high season. This time I was lucky to stroll around in the garden without a leash.

In the “Bar Asador” were my humans had breakfast I wasn’t allowed to enter, so meanwhile I waited outside at the terrace.

My humans paid 5 € for me.
Javier, the owner, welcomes dogs with responsible owners on request, but we may never be let alone in the room.

** There are plenty of walks an cycle tours as well as a variety of beaches around. Hospedaje Javier offers bike rental too. 

Can Sueño, B&B, Tárbena, Alicante


B&B Can Sueño, Tárbena, Alicante

Bijauca 1,
ES-03518 Tárbena, Alicante, Spain
Phone: +34 966 183244 (Rob & Hennie Froeling)
Site:   Mail: 

                                                                                                                                                             Stay: March 2015

Hello, we Bruno and Nandor went for a short holiday again and of course we are willing to share our experience with you. This time we went to  a place called “Can Sueño”.  This guesthouse and B&B can be found on the Costa Blanca, along the south-eastern coast of Spain, tucked away in the mountains near Tárbena in the province of Alicante.

More than anything else we enjoyed the fresh air, the nature and the silence. It really was a “Dream” as the name of the guesthouse already says (Sueño) to spend some days with our human buddies here. As shown on the photos you’ll see how much we enjoyed spending quality time with our humans exploring new things but also doing nothing more than taking in the cool mountain breeze while admiring the beauty of nature.

The owners offer two different kinds of accommodation:  “The Cabaña” which is  a romantic, unattached and “The  apartment”  which is part of the villa both with two double bedrooms. Each one has its own terrace, entrance and both are fully equipped for home cooking. There’s a swimming pool with saline water. We stayed in the apartment .

The owners, a Dutch couple, serve delicious food or a tasty lunch in their cosy restaurant. Our humans tried it out and where amazed by the presentation and good taste of it. The use of biological products, fresh herbs and flowers turns each meal in a fresh and honest one. By the way, they’ve got dogs of their own too!

Our humans were charged 20 € for the final cleaning (with dogs).

**In the middle of nature, nearby Tárbena. Ideal for walks in the mountains. Places of interest: the castle of Tárbena, caves of “Les Lletres”, “Moret” and “Dalt”.

La Posada de Tollo, Liébana, Cantabria

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La Posada de Tollo, Liébana

C/Mayor, 13
ES-39575 Tollo, Vega de Liébana, Cantabria, Spain
Phone: +34 942 736284 Mobile: +34 699 748333  Mail:

                                                                                                                                                              Stay: Summer 2014

Hello, we Darko and Elvis would like to tell you about our marvellous holiday this summer. Our owners Raúl and Irene don’t like to be separated from us at all, so they decided to spend their well-deserved holiday in a place where dogs are welcome too.

Searching online they found this great place called “La Posada de Tollo”. A place where they treat you as one of the pack, just like at home! Besides we could be everywhere without limits and we had new friends to play with waiting excitingly to get to know us. So, owner of pets… if you’re fancying a fantastic holiday with the whole family, surrounded by an incredible landscape, sensible prices and great food, the Posada of Tollo is definitely the place to be!

The owners of this place have got dogs of their own. A griffon Tea (all year round) and a Jack Russell, Mia (during four and a half months a year). The best is that we’re aloud to be everywhere, just as our human friends. Of course you should respect other guests, but that’s common sense, isn’t it? Our owners loved the fact that they didn’t have to pay anything for us!

In case something happens to us or you feel sick, you can count with the luxury of having a vet in the house.

The cosy rooms are all having their own bathroom, TV and amazing views. They’re so comfy! You can also hang around with your humans in the common areas such as the living room with fireplace, board games and WiFi or in the garden with pond. They offer activities enjoying nature for the whole pack, including us! Get more information online. There’s a restaurant, expositions and courses.


**About the activities compatible with dogs (we don’t pay of course) these are walks (outside the bounders of the National Park, so we can be off the leash, although they always recommend our humans, that once coming close to a village or herd to be extra attend and have us on the leash if necessary)  and also the mycological walks. 

Palace of Rubianes Hotel & Golf****, Asturias


Palace of Rubianes Hotel & Golf****, Asturias

Ctra. Pl-11 km 3,5, ES-33584 Rubianes, Asturias, Spain
Phone: +34 985 707612 Fax:  +34 985 707139 Mail:

 Stay: September 2011

Surrounded by mountains and forests, situated right at the mythical massif of Sueve in its privileged valley that’s exactly where Hotel & Golf Palace of Rubianes is located. The result of a cautious restoration of  this antique traditional palace of Asturias is a truly piece of art. Its unique charming architecture now converted in a modern, comfortable and cosy hotel where dogs are welcome too!

The rooms, all differently decorated and unique in style and design are really comfy. Me, Cleo felt like a princess! My buddy and I (there were two of us, quite big dogs) were given a manger presented on a nice towel. What I liked best were the views and aroma. Here it smells like forest, herbs and the aroma of flowers fills the room with a magnificent air.

My human friends were amazed by the unique areas such as the restaurant, the communal lounges and terraces.  We, dogs, are allowed to accompany them in all the exterior communal areas but not in the interior ones.

The environment was just great for our pack. We made lots of walks and especially the area around the golf course was perfect for a nice stroll. I had the time of my life!

My humans were charged 10 € per dog and day. 

**Nearby places of interest like Arriondas, Cangas de Onís, The National Park of Covadonga and the Picos de Europa, a variety of beaches and a  wide range of picturesque harbour villages.



Asador de Eufrasio, Lerma, Burgos


Asador de Eufrasio (Restaurant)

Vista Alegre, 9,ES-09340 Lerma – Burgos, Spain
Tel: +34 947 170257  eMail:


Set in Lerma’s old town close to the Parador and next to the Posada de Eufrasio you’ll find this  fantastic restaurant “Asador de Eufrasio”.

We got a warm welcome from the landlady and her small somewhat unconvinced lady dog. Quickly she found out that I didn’t want to dominate her, so she calmed down and went for observation across the street. Meanwhile we entered the restaurant where I was allowed to join my humans for dinner and breakfast.

The restaurant consists of two separate dining areas. In one of them we are welcome too as long as we behave instead of bothering other guests. Like always I stayed quietly under the table and after dinner we went for a walk, just down the road. I thought we went just to do our things, but then something special happened. My humans decided that it was me, who deserved the delicious bone of the tasty lam they just had before. They took it out of a plastic bag as a surprise, so you can imagine how much I loved this gesture!

Sol-Mediterraneo Hotel, Archena, Murcia


Hotel Sol-Mediterraneo, Archena, Murcia

Calle Poeta Vicente Medina 1, 30600 Archena, Murcia, Spain
Phone: +34 968 688 062 Fax: +34 968 688 042, Mail:

 Stay: December 2014


This hotel has got a central location en Archena. Close to the town hall, the house of Culture, the theatre and churches but also the shopping area with lots of restaurants. Probably very attractive for our human friends.

Archena is surrounded by kitchen ‘gardens and fruit trees such as: lemon trees, orange trees, mandarins, plums etc.  but also a huge palm tree plantation of 35 hectares. We, me Cleo and my human friend, chose Archena because of its central location. Ideal to start several excursions and visit one of the most interesting valleys of the Murcia region, the valley of Ricote. We were especially interested in rock climbing this time.

All rooms are exteriors and with air-conditioning. I felt secure in this comfortable room together with my human buddy. Nowadays I’m on old lady, so feeling comfy is very important to me.

We, dogs are welcome here, but you’ve got to notify when you book. More information check the website.

**Only 22 km away from the city of Murcia. Close to the Spa “Balneario de Archena”.

Archybal Apartments, Archena, Murcia


Apartments Archybal, Archena, Murcia

Calle Venezuela 1, 30600 Archena, Murcia, Spain
Phone: +34 968 674 822 Mobile:  +34 605 819 103, Mail:

 Stay: December 2014

Situated in the heart of Archena, you’ll find the Archybal apartments where you can totally disconnect and enjoy nature in a peaceful environment.

The full equipped apartments all offer a magnificent terrace with amazing views with all facilities you and your human friends might need. Archena can be found in the valley of Ricote along the river Segura with a great landscape and lovely mountains. We, me Cleo and my human friend, went for a trip to relax a bit and enjoy nature. By the end of the day I loved coming back to our apartment to rest. I really felt comfortable, just like at home! Like I’m a grandma already this is essential to me.

We, pets are welcome but do tell on forehand. They might charge something extra for us. Inform yourself on the website.

**Interesting places nearby: Murcia, Molina de Segura, Alcantarilla, Ricote, Abarán, Ulea, Fortuna, Abanilla, Cieza, Villanueva, Blanca, Ceutí, Lorquí. Only 5 minutes away from the Spa “Balneario de Archena”, famous for its thermal water and treatments.