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Home Base Vaticano (apartment), Rome


Home Base Vaticano (apartment)

Via Egidio Albornoz, 23
I-00165 Roma, Italy
+39 347 499 6382
Web:  eMail:


Stay: 2015

This year my humans decided to take me, Otto, to Rome. First we took a plane and at arrival I tried even more transport possibilities such as a bus and an underground all in my box. What a trip!

They took me to a place called “Home Base Vaticano”, where the owners Gianfranco and Laura were already waiting for us. As they already knew about me, they had two bowls prepared, one for food and the other for water. The apologized for not filling it with water already, as they we’re afraid it would get warm meanwhile. What a nice gesture, so nice to feel welcome right from the start! They also gave me a nice mattress which belonged to their own dog, to make it even more homely for me. Great welcome!

My humans had asked on forehand if it would be a problem to leave me alone in the apartment but Gianfranco and Laura said it was just fine. They also offered to take care of feeding or giving me water meanwhile in case it would be necessary.

Besides the extremely warm welcome and all the nice details I loved the fact that the apartment was at base ground with a great terrace. My humans liked the 60 sqm fully equipped apartment with 70 sqm terrace a lot and were pleased that no additional costs were charged for bringing me.

The apartment located in the Aurelio district is situated close to the Eternal City of the Vatican. With the Metro A (Baldo degli Ubaldi – 50 m away) or several bus lines nearby you can easily reach the historical centre of Rome.


** The holiday house Home Base Vaticano, located in the district of Aurelio,very close to the Vatican, can be easily reached from all stations and airports in Rome. Restaurants, shops etc. within walking distance.


Hotel As Hoteles Altube **, Zuia (Vitoria-Bilbao)


Hotel As Hoteles Altube **

Area de Servicio Autopista A-68 Aldea, 68, Araba
ES-01139 Zuia ALTUBE (Vitoria-Bilbao) Basque Country, Spain
Phone: +34 945 430173 Fax: +34 945 430251
Web:  Mail:  

                                                                                                                                             Stay: 24th – 26st July 2015


The As Hoteles Altube is a two star hotel situated at km 36 right on the high way  AP-68 Zuia, Álava between Vitoria and Bilbao. Ideal for a stopover.

We spent here two nights as I went herding for a weekend in Murgía. A real treat! I never used my instincts dealing with sheep like that before. In one word: “amazing”. There were lots of other Border Collies and on Basque shepherd too. I hang around in the grassland all day long. You can’t figure the scents! We made turns to be with the sheep and some of us found it really hard to hold back until it was their turn. It was my very first time and I really got excited.

After a long day of herding, running and sniffing around, trying hard to do what they told me to and lots of hugs and cuddles I was completely exhausted by all those new experiences. It was great to get back to the Hotel Altube, within a minute to get a rest. There was enough space nearby to do my things. We dogs aren’t allowed to be in the communal areas such as the restaurant, but I didn’t care much. I could stay meanwhile in the spacious and nicely tiled room. It was huge, so I could even run around.

Due to my humans it’s a typical place for a short stopover. Simply a motel. They had to pay a fee of 10 €/day for me which was quite a lot in their opinion but as didn’t have another choice nearby… . There’s WiFi and a 24 hours café-restaurant. Although the hotel is situated right on the highway you won’t be bothered by traffic noise.

**AS hoteles Altube is situated near the National Park of Gorbea.

Websites for TRAVEL-DOGS

There are a lot of websites with information for travel-dogs. At most of them you can book directly online. As my website is only based on recommendations, check these out for more possibilities. Once you’ve tried out a great place yourself, please SHARE the experience and let me know!



Casa El Cierruco, Santillana del Mar, Cantabria


Casa El Cierruco, Santillana del Mar, Cantabria

la fuente ferrari s/n,
ES-39330 Santillana del Mar, Cantabria, Spain
Phone: +34 645 91 56 45
Web:  eMail:      

                                                                                                                                    Stay: May 2014 and June 2015


I always get excited when Ángel and Mónica start packing their suitcase, ‘cause that means we’re going to fun places. But I never imagined they would take me to paradise.

The moment they opened the door of our car I still remember. I always keep laying down until Mónica says “stand” but this time I couldn’t wait! The smell of a million different things was coming to me so I couldn’t hold myself back and had to stand up and check with my head popping out of the car already. Once they let me, I was trying to take in as many scents as possible using all my olfactory abilities. I sniffed around and followed any trail to not miss one single scent…. everywhere and so strange, … it never ended!!! In my entire life I had never been in a garden that big and more important all for me!!! You can imagine I was running more and more, I just couldn’t stop as I was allowed everywhere, not a single “NO” nor a prohibition.

One day I heard Ángel say “Jazz (that’s me), let’s go to the beach!” – BEACH, I didn’t have a clue what that meant, but the sound of his voice gave away that it had to be a great place. And it definitely was! The beach is big fun, you can run and run over sand and you can go for a swim or simply get wet and play with the water that tries to catch you! I enjoyed myself a lot and I tell you, there were plenty like this. The biggest one in San Vicente de la Barquera, but later I ran around in smaller ones such as in Liencres, Comillas (although that one I saw from a distance only as we dogs aren’t welcome here) and the last one was, Tagle, a tiny one but due to the bad weather conditions I had this beach all for myself!

The Casa El Cierruco is just fantastic, situated only 200 m away from Santillana del Mar. It’s a rural house for rent with three bedrooms, cellar, living room, kitchen and bathroom. There’s WiFi and even a table football to keep humans busy. Ángel and Mónica loved it and said that it was all so charming and homely. It had it all and besides they didn’t have to pay any additional costs at all for me. And although I was allowed to be in all parts of the house, Mónica asked me not to go upstairs as we had all we needed downstairs and there was no reason to go there, which sounded reasonable enough to me. When you ask me, the best of all is the never ending garden. I had a great time running, sniffing and playing around and besides you’ve got great views. It’s now our favourite place in the world and we’re trying to get back once a year. So far I went twice!

We’re always glad to be so welcome and especially Jesús little gestures are making us feel so home. The perfect spot for the whole family!


****From Casa El Cierruco you can easily reach interesting sights such as: The cave El Soplao, the cave of Chufín, Santillana del Mar and the Altamira caves, Comillas or San Vicente de la Barquera beaches’.

Apartments Aravalle Centro Ecuestre, Viñon, Liébana


Apartments Aravalle Centro Ecuestre

Olalle 2
ES-39584 Viñon, Cillorigo de Liébana, Cantabria, Spain
Phone: +34 685 194864
Web:  Mail:

                                                                                                                                             Stay: 16th – 21st May 2015


This time my humans and I were looking for a nice place to stay in Picos de Europa. Someone told us about a nice place before Potes.  Driving up the road of Tama, direction Viñon a riding stable owned by a friendly lady Andrea, was where we ended up.

A nice apartment next to the house of the owner, when you like country life, a perfect place to stay. As I, Lady, love horses and other dogs, I felt at home immediately. You are allowed to walk around freely, so I had a wonderful holiday.

The apartment called “La Cabaña” has got a fully equipped kitchen, a living- dining room, a double room with bathroom and a private terrace where you can enjoy the great views. You are free to use the garden with BBQ and playground for children. There’s also no problem when you’ve got to do your needs. There always other tail-waggling dogs around not to mention the horses!

No additional costs charged for us!

**Aravalle Centro Ecuestre is the place to be if you like horse riding. Great views and near to Potes the capital of Liébana just at the bottom of the National Park Picos de Europa.



Apartments/Rooms Casa Bego, Cudillero, Asturias



Apartments/Rooms Casa Bego, Valdredo, Cudillero, Asturias
Valdredo s/n, ES-33157 Valdredo, Cudillero, Asturias, Spain
Phone: +34 985 597200 Mobile: +34 616077563
Web: Mail: 

Stay: 17.-19. July 2015


Casa Bego has several apartments, one holiday house and also rooms to offer. This all connected by a lovely spacious garden with a small swimming pool, a BBQ area, playground for kids, and several areas with trees and flowers to completely disconnect. A perfect place for families with pets!

My humans took me here because we assisted a course nearby at the “Trisquel Adiestramiento Canino Centre” in Piedras Blancas. By the way a great place offering courses (all kinds) but they’re also a pet hotel. Therefore we didn’t have much time to really take pleasure in the accommodation. The room was nice and spacious with a beautiful balcony overlooking the garden and the sea. I loved taking in the fresh breeze with the smell of the sea from here. As the floor was tiled, I really enjoyed hanging around in- and outside. Cool as I love it!

I also played for a little while in the garden, because my humans didn’t know that we dogs aren’t allowed to be off the leash in the common areas. Later we apologized, but the landlady said it was just fine, as we didn’t bother any of the other guests at all. Next to the parking you’ll find a piece of forest for a nice short walk where you can do your things as well. Lots to explore and smell, I tell you!

We can’t be in the breakfast room either but the offer the possibility to enjoy breakfast in the garden, so a perfect solution as you can’t stay without supervision in the room/apartment. It was good to see that there were a lot of other families with dogs. I met quickly a young German Shepherd and two other small dogs.

Your humans don’t have to pay extra fees for you! There’s free WiFi, washing machines, a free private parking and you can order snacks too. I really felt welcome and would love to come back to enjoy being at location instead of doing a course!

** Great place for trips. Near cities such as Avilés, Gijón and Oviedo, only 8 km away from the charming village Cudillero and close to Luarca. Lots of activities can be booked at location.


Le Restaurant d’Alice, Arcachon



Le Restaurant d’Alice, Arcachon
Place des Marquises – Rue Jehenne
FR-33120 Arcachon, France
Phone: +33  557 720550  Web:


Situated in the centre of Arcachon we found this interesting restaurant and library all in one!
The nice menu invited us in immediately and once asking if I was allowed to come in we got a big smile and an “of course” for an answer.

My humans were certainly surprised by the presentation of their menu and I was pleased to receive a water bowl myself. Good food and friendly staff. I would suggest, go and have a try yourself!




Eetcafé Enjoy, Aalten


Eetcafé Enjoy
Markt 8
NL-7121 CS Aalten
Phone: +31 (0)543 475144


In the centre of Aalten next to the tourist office you’ll find several bars and restaurants. We took a seat outside and enjoyed a snack at the terrace. There were several water bowls for dogs around. Very inviting!

Once we paid the bill we asked about the possibilities indoor. Dogs are allowed without any problems as long as they obey (obviously). They’ve got a nice menu and a great selection of snacks, tapas, high-tea, diner and go so on.

For more information check their website. They’re also on Facebook.

Walk “Cascada de Retumbia – La Viorna”/ Potes (or Valmeo)



Walk “Cascada de Retumbia – La Viorna”/ Potes (or Valmeo)
ES-39570 Potes, Valle de Liébana, Cantabria, Spain 

Duration approx. 5 ½ – hrs.
8,5 km / 480 m altitude difference / moderate

 Done: October 2014


This moderate walk you can start from the village Valmeo or Potes. I started from Potes as I went with my human granny’s who were here for a visit staying in Potes. Leaving from the barrio el Sol, just in front of the bar “La Sidreria”(where dogs are welcome too, by the way) take a large trail until it finishes. After that you’ve got to pass some green grassland until you arrive to a small path along the river. This path will lead you all the way to Valmeo.

From Valmeo it’s a bit hard to find which way to take, but to give you an idea, keep as much on the left as possible entering the forest. From now on it starts being a serious climb uphill for a long, long time. Several cascades can be seen from the track and I must admit, that I really loved this walk with so much water and shade. But for the humans it wasn’t that easy due to steep parts with sometimes serious altitude differences.

Once taking the right track, you can’t get lost. We were accompanied by another dog from halfway through until the end. We thought it would be the dog from other tourists further up. He obeyed  very well, so we enjoyed that part together. After the long steep climb up, finally we reached the village of Maredes (Campollo). In the morning we left already one car at the entrance of the village so we decided to even add the extra part up to the cross of la Viorna from here before taking the car back down to Potes. (More info on the last part: see Walk Maredes-La Viorna)


**More information about this walk you can find on the website of the tourist office (in Spanish) Vega de Liébana: and

Walk “Maredes – La Viorna”/ Maredes



Walk “Maredes – La Viorna”/ Maredes
ES-39575 Maredes (Campollo), Valle de Liébana, Cantabria, Spain

Duration approx. 1 ½ – 2 hrs. / circular walk
4,6 km / 320 m altitude difference


Done: since 2007 several times

This short walk is done by lots of tourists as it’s an easy, uncomplicated walk offering a great panoramic view from the Viorna cross. There are plenty of possibilities to reach the cross, but starting from Maredes is definitely the easiest way to do so. The walk can be done as a circular one within approx. 2 hrs of time. Leave your car at the entrance of the village where you’ll find an information board about the walk.

The walk starts from here, Maredes (Campollo) next to a spring (in case you’re thirsty take your chance). We start walking along the few houses and sheds where probably a small dog will welcome you barking along. On the right a small footpath leads you away from the houses and the village itself. Bit by bit we go uphill enjoying great views over the chapel of Magdalena. Further on we come across some oaks until the last part of the track leaving now all trees behind. From here on you’ll see the cross already.

You still have to go up a bit further to finally reach the Viorna cross. Now a complete open area also visited by lovers of hang- and paragliding. I loved the fact that I could walk off the leash. My humans love the great views especially from the top at around 1.151m from where you can see the Oriental massif of the National Park Picos de Europa with Peña Vieja and Tesorero, several villages of the Camaleño valley, the monastery of Santo Toribio de Liébana  but also the villages of the valley Cillorigo de Liébana and Vega de Liébana with its mountains such as Pico Jano, Bistruey, Peña de Dobres and the massif of Peña Prieta.

Return by the same track or make it a circular walk by continuing the large path from the cross. Just follow this path (suitable for the 4×4 of people practising paragliding) until you reach Maredes again.

**More information about this walk you can find on the website of the tourist office (in Spanish) Vega de Liébana: