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Bungalows PuraVida, Zahora, Los Caños de Meca


Bungalows PuraVida, Zahora

Carretera de los Caños 13
ES-11159 Zahora, Andalucía, Spain

Phone: +34 956 437336    Whatsapp: +34 649601643
Web:     eMail:     

                                                                                                                                                                             Stay: 2015

Located in Los Caños de Meca  and set in a peaceful garden, the adults-only Bungalows ”Pura vida” which stands for “Pure life” has an outdoor pool (bad suit optional.  OPEN from May-September ), BBQ facilities and gym. All bungalows have a private terrace with a hammock and we dogs are welcome as long as we are well-educated.  There is free parking and free Wi-Fi too.

For me, Mauro, it was the first time I went on a holiday with my human family. They choose this place considering it would be paradise for me too…. and I tell you it definitely was! I immediately got an outstanding welcome without any additional costs. All bungalows have their own little, semi-private garden.  My humans putted on my plastic pool, so I could jump in whenever I felt like it. Each bungalow has a fan, sofa bed in the living room, a flat-screen TV and a fully equipped kitchen incl. a fridge and microwave.

I really loved this peaceful and quiet place. It’s not very usual not to hear children running and screaming around. Here in “Pura Vida” this is the case as it’s an ADULTS-ONLY accommodation. If it’s up to me, I’ll surely come back in the future!


**Located in a small town called Zahora, between Conil and Los Caños de Meca, it’s only a 15 minute walk to the beach and Trafalgar Lighthouse. There’s a beach close by (no access for us dogs although lots of people do take their dogs there). Same story at the beach del Palmar. (5 minutes car drive) In the area of Conil I had no problems when it came to restaurants or bars. I felt really welcome! 65 km away of Cadiz.

Hotel La Posada Regia, León


Hotel La Posada Regia, León

La Regia León S.L. 
C/ Regidores 9-11
ES-24003 León, Castilla y León, Spain
Phone: +34  987 213 173  Fax: +34 987 213 031
Web:  eMail:

                                                                                                                                             Stay: 27th November 2013


Woof-woof, I’m  Cooper  and I’ve got a blog . Just like Tibor I love to travel and I’m always happy to share my experiences. This time I’m gonna tell you something about me staying in León where my human friend wanted to catch up with some good old friends.

We founded a great hotel accepting dogs with a very central location in the middle of the barrio Húmedo in a street connecting calle Ancha, nearby plaza de Santo Domingo and the two palaces of that square, el Palacio de los Guzmanes which they started to build in 1560 under directions of Rodrigo Gil de Hontañón and la casa de Botines in new gothic style of Antonio Gaudí.  Besides the great location, I really felt comfortable in this hotel decorated in a cosy, rustic style.

We, dogs, aren’t allowed to be on our own in the rooms neither we can accompany our humans in the breakfast room. But the staff is very friendly. They offer to keep an eye on you meanwhile your humans are having breakfast. You can be in your transporter at reception without any problem. You know how that goes, once they see you’re a well-educated dog, rules aren’t so strict anymore.

They charge 10 € /night per dog.


** There’s lots to see and visit in León city. In case you’re interested check my blog to get more details about León and other trips.




Hostal Quevedo, León

Hostal Quevedo (B&B), León

Avda Quevedo, 13
ES-24009 León, Castilla y Léon, Spain
Phone: +34 987 242975 Fax: +34 987 276006
Web: Mail: recepcion@

                                                                                                                                             Stay: 06th – 7th August 2015


This time my human friends and I, Tibor,  went a weekend away to León. As always I was glad they took me with them. Instead of seeking a room in the centre they choose a place next to the Park Quevedo and close to an off-the-leash area along the river. All because of me!

I liked the room with a nice view overlooking the Park of Quevedo (where we aren’t allowed to enter). The best of all was the great location close to the Parador San Marcos and more than anything the possibility of walking, running, exploring off-the-leash along the river. León is a great city. At night they took me to the barrio húmedo. What a great smell, I tell you!

My humans were happy with the room and bathroom too . They didn’t like the fact that dogs can’t be left alone in the room and at the same time aren’t allowed in the bar. So this means a problem at breakfast time! Asking for alternatives or other possibilities the staff of the bar wasn’t very helpful either. In the end we had breakfast at the terrace outside, which wasn’t  a big deal due to the nice weather. On the contrary the reception staff as well as the room maid were very friendly and kind.

There are no extra fees charged for us dogs.


**Visit the gothic Cathedral, the Roman frescos at the Colegiata de San Isidoro and have a look at the impressive facade of the hospital San Marcos (nowadays a hotel Parador, just across the bridge). For more information about places where we are welcome to check the site of León: “Masqperros” :

León (city)



León (city)

Tourist office, Plaza de San Marcelo, 1 and Plaza Regla 5
ES-24001 León, Spain
Phone: +34 987 878 327, +34 987 237 082
Web: , Mail:
Web:  or


Visit: 06th – 07th  August 2015


León is an amazing place to visit together with your humans. Some of Spain’s most remarkable monuments can be found here such as the gothic Cathedral, the Roman frescos at the Colegiata de San Isidoro (well known as “la capilla Sixtina del románico”) and the impressive facade of the hospital San Marcos (nowadays a hotel Parador).

Besides all the sightseeing, almost all humans love the way of life of León. Having a good time with friends sipping a drink with a tapas at the Barrio Húmedo. For more details check the website of the tourist office.

Of course I accompanied my humans at night while they were enjoying wine and tapas. I met quite a few fellow dogs, so it wasn’t very boring. Sometimes it was a bit hard not to pick up food from the street, but my humans never let me eat anything not given by them. I smell of meat made it sometimes hard  to resist.

What I, Tibor, liked best of the city is the walking and swimming facilities along the river. There are different spaces to walk on but also off the lead, all well signposted. I spent at least an hour swimming and playing with sticks and other dogs along and in the river. I tell you, I had an amazing time.

Shopping wasn’t a big problem either. There were several shops were they invited me to come in. Some of them even with an inviting welcome sign on their door. I’m definitely looking forward to come back again! 

** There’s a great group of people making a difference in León: Masqperros. Check their site for recommendations

Apartments B&B Dalerheugte, Dalerveen


Apartments B&B Dalerheugte

Dwarsdijk 5
NL-7755 NL Dalerveen, Drenthe
Phone: +31 06 53983565  Mail: info


                                                                                                                                                             Stay: July 2015


This year my family decided to go to Drenthe. My name is Hoppe and let me tell you, I just loved that plan! We stayed in a gorgeous apartment with all kind of facilities, cosy, extremely comfortable and clean. A place where you immediately feel at home and looking forward to get back to by the end of the day.

My family was especially happy with the well-equipped kitchen and the perfect shower. After a long day they’re happy to have a nice meal at “home”. Also very pleased with the friendly owners giving you space but also happy to have a chat whenever you feel like it. We didn’t have to pay any extra fees for me.

The owners of the property Marc and Ellen have got a huge ground behind their house next to the parking. Great to sniff and explore around. Around the farm there’s a lot of space to do your needs. I did mine on the leash. As I know how to behave, I was allowed to walk of the leash over the ground. No problem as I only did this when we were all by ourselves.

What I loved the most… the location and the environment. Every day we did something new and great! Even when we went shopping I was almost everywhere allowed to enter. The waterareas of Rietplas in Emmen and the Stieltjeskanaal were my favourites. I’m a real Vizsla and I just love water, what about you guys?

At the moment (July 2015) there are 4 apartments for rent and the plan to create a campsite isn’t finished yet.


**Ideal location for  daytrips in the surroundings such as Emmen, Assen and Hoogeveen or walking areas like Hondsrug at Emmen (Incl. Hunebed) or the Sleenerzand at Sleen. Plenty of water to swim nearby: Zandpol (for people) and rietplas in Emmen en the Stieltjeskanaal for us dogs. There’re several lakes in the forest. Daytrips to Lingen (Germany) and Veenhuizen (brewery Mallust and dairy Kaaslust) are a must!

Apartments l’Arquera, Llanes, Asturias


Apartments l’Arquera, Llanes, Asturias

La arquera s/n
ES-33500, Llanes, Principado de Asturias, Spain
Phone: +34 985402424 or 985401420  Fax: +34 985400175
Web: Mail:


Stay: September 2014

Woof-Woof, my name is Linda and I would like to share my experience in the L’Arquera apartments of Llanes, Asturias. My humans took me there and I really enjoyed being with them in the spacious, modern and nicely furnished, fully equipped apartment.

I loved the fact that the apartment was surrounded by a huge garden with fruit trees. I hang out there with my humans, but to do my things they always took me outside of the location which usually is much better for all of us. We are allowed in the garden but always on the leash and we can’t be without supervision in the apartments either. We actually didn’t use the communal areas as we had everything we wished for in our apartment. My humans had to pay an extra fee of 9.90 €/day for me.

We all loved being close to the centre of Llanes and the beach. For humans there is the possibility to have breakfast at the Hotel L’Arquera as well. There’s free WiFi too.


** Close to the centre of Llanes and the beach. Ideal for trips in the surrounding such as the National Park Picos the Europa, Covadonga, Cangas de Onis or Ribadesella.