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Gijón city

Gijón (city)
Tourist office, Puerto Deportivo. Espigón central de Fomento
Calle Rodrigues Sampedro, s/n
ES-33206 Gijón, Asturias, Spain
Phone: +34 985 341771 Fax: +34 985356357
Web:  y

Visit: 30th April 2016

Gijón ( Xixón) is an amazing city to visit among your humans. The impetuous Bay of Biscay (or nowadays better known as the Cantabrian Sea) embraces the city of Gijón, which makes it even more worth a visit. Especially since 2016, when the city decided to become a dogfriendly city! Your humans can inform themselves on the website. The English version hasn’t got the dogfriendly information at the time of writing, so check the Spanish site! The campaign “Yes mi Can” informs you with all kind of important information related to dogs (From restaurants, Accommodations, shops, special events, general rules, special services related to dogs up to beach access).

The progressive modernization of this city, along with its own excellent natural conditions, has turned Gijón into a city that attracts all kind of people, interested in culture and sport. Besides all the sights, it’s a real paradise for us dogs. Even Tessa, my daughter and still a puppy felt safe and comfy! It was her first trip to a city after all.

We parked our car next to the football stadium, close to the city centre and ideal to start for a walk. Almost immediately we passed some of Gijóns Green Areas, especially for us. I was lucky as my humans brought my Frisbee and a ball. So we played for a while, and both Tessa and I could do our necessities without any trouble. Of course all cleaned up by our humans. (they’re well-educated too!)

As our humans were hungry, they decided to grab some food first. The checked the website with dogfriendly restaurants  and bars listed. There were quiet a lot. As it was a beautiful, sunny day they decided to stay on a terrace (dogs were aloud outside, but not inside. Actually the food and service for humans was good, but we can’t add anything special about the way we were treated. I guess our waiter wasn’t even aware of us). After that break, Tessa and I took advantage of the situation to take a nap under the table meanwhile, we got rewarded by our good behaviour. Next on the programme was the beach. In Gijón we have access at the San Lorenzo beach (restricted between stairs 2-8 from the 1st October until the 30th April) and all year round at the beach of El Rinconín. More information + 34 685 181450. Read the general rules in case you have doubts. There are some special rules for dogs such as Pit bulls, Rottweiler’s etc.

As it was still the 30th of April we were lucky to enjoy San Lorenzo’s beach. I, Tibor,  can tell you…. I’ve never met so many dogs on a beach! We were almost more dogs than people. A real nice atmosphere. Well-concerned humans, happy children and dogs,….more dogs and dogs. We were smelling, tasting, investigating, playing, running, jumping, swimming….  and getting to know each other.  Tessa did a great job socializing as well. Although she tends to hide behind me when dogs are coming to close… , Woof- uufff…. puppies!!!

After a while our humans decides to take us to El elogio del Horizonte an impressive sculpture just along the coastline. Again we were lucky, because the sculpture is surrounded by Green areas where we can walk off-lead. We had a great time enjoying the views and greeting fellow dogs and some kind humans too.

Our humans got thirsty and took us to the city centre were they found without any trouble a nice bar/restaurant with the most inviting sign at the entrance. Here we were more than welcome! They offered us water and we were allowed to stay inside. Grateful, because it was really hot outside and we really fancied a cool tiled floor. We dreamt away while our humans had a drink. Tessa was even talking in her dreams and couldn’t stop moving her legs!

Shopping wasn’t a big problem either. There were several shops were they invited us to come in. Some of them even with an inviting welcome sign on their door. I definitely recommend you to visit Gijón! 

** Since the campaign “ Yes miCan” things are changing in Gijón. Check the official website to be well-informed about the latest changes. To make sure you’ve got it all, check the Spanish Version as the English version isn’t always as well updated.