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Auberge De Zwaan (Restaurant), Oirschot


Auberge De Zwaan (Restaurant)

Markt 4
NL-5688 AJ Oirschot
Phone: +31 499 55 14 14
Web: , Mail:

August 2016

Woof Tibor, it’s been a while that you came over to visit me. We played so nice together, remember? Tessa was still a bit shy back then, although later she did join in.

This evening my owners took me for a walk to the centre of Oirschot. They took a seat at the terrace of Auberge de Zwaan right on the market of Oirshot. When my humans got their drinks served I got spoiled too! What a surprise, they didn’t only bring me a bowl of fresh water, but also some delicious homemade biscuits!

At Auberge De Zwaan humans can enjoy a good glass of wine or even a lunch, high tea or diner. From the terrace you’ve got a great view over the historical market and the St.-Pieterschurch of Oirschot. A great spot! I just wanted to share this with you as I just had an unforgettable summer evening. You should go and see for yourself.

Woof-Woooofffff Rossi