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La Luna en el Sol (Bar), Potes, Spain


La Luna en el Sol (Bar)

C/el Sol 26
ES-39570 Potes, Cantabria, Spain
Phone: +34 676 32 42 42
Web:; Mail:

July 2016

Situated in one of the most astonishing side streets “Calle el Sol” of Potes, you’ll find this popular spot, well-known under the locals as “La Luna en el Sol”.

A nicely decorated frontage calls immediately your attention. The smell of fresh herbs and flowers as well as the typical cidre “Sidra” not to confuse with the French version of it are one of the first things you will notice.

Here you’re not only allowed at the outdoor terrace, but also inside! The bar itself is quiet small and narrow, so on a crowded day, you might not feel too comfortable. But on the other hand on any quiet day this is your spot! The owners of the bar, Rikke and Magda, just love animals. They’ve got a handsome dog Kazan themselves as well as a black beauty cat.

Our humans love the wide selection of fresh teas. Besides the assortment of beers, wines and non-alcoholic drinks.

See you around, Tibor!

Nacedero del Urederra Baquedano, Navarra, Spain


Nacedero del Urederra Baquedano, Navarra, Spain

Nature Reserve, Springs and rivers
ES-31272 Baquedano (Navarra)
Phone: +34 685628949 (reservations), Tourist Office Estella-Lizarra  Phone: + 34 948 556 301
Web:; Mail:


Distance: 5,3 Km. (total – circular walk), altitude difference: 200 m

                                                                                                                                                             Visit: July 2016

El Nacedero del Urederra, situated North of Estella-Lizarra, is the natural origin of the karst massif  of Urbasa. This place was declared nature reserve in 1987 and belongs nowadays to one of Navarra’s most spectacular sights. Me, Moon, went to explore it all for you.

The walk starts from a village called Baquedano, where you’ll find a limited parking (it’s important to arrive early, especially during the summer. Prices see link, website). BEWARE: To preserve the nature reserve, there is a limited access for cars per day. Do reserve using the link above.

Along the full walk, we dogs, must be on the leash at all times (although they let me refresh myself in a little mud bath). There are guards controlling, but everyone respected the rules as it should be. It’s not the perfect walk to take a bath or go for a swim as they’re conserving nature here. I went on my 3-metres long lead and enjoyed the walk happily anyway. To take a rest, you can stop along the path whenever you feel like it. My human friend brought a sandwich but there are bars in the village too.

The well signposted walk leads you along the river (opposite direction) until you’ll reach the gorgeous spring. There are several cascades and springs with a turquoise colour. Because of this unique colour the river Urederra, which means “gorgeous water”, probably got its name.

What I like most was the shade during the full walk. There’s a wide variety of vegetation and lots of trees, covering the path with shade. In the area you’ll find campsites and much more walks. Also worth visiting the viewpoint “Balcón de Pilatos” close by. From here you can see cattle’s grazing or smell the wind or the breeze of fresh herbs and grass. Humans are usually very happy with the view too.


* Nacedero del Urederra is one of the 35 selected walks within Navarra’s landscape. Water & Viewpoints. More info: .

Dogs Paradise “walhalla” – Rijk van Nijmegen


Dogs Paradise “walhalla” – Rijk van Nijmegen

INFO: Staatsbosbeheer Rijk van Nijmegen-Zuid
Donderbergweg 3
NL-6611 KL Overasselt, Gelderland
Phone:  024-6221767


Walks (off leash) / Water / Restaurant

 Done: July 2016

De Hatertse  Vennen (530 ha) are situated between Nijmegen, Wijchen and Heumen and are part of “Het Rijk van Nijmegen” a true paradise for dogs. My name is Nerone, and I love going there with my human Mum Karen. It’s a huge nature area with a beautiful fen and an off-the-lead walking area for us dogs. Great for a splash! Let’s have a party! It’s absolutely dog friendly  and also accessible with a wheelchair. There’s  free parking nearby, just in front of the Cheese farm “De Diervoort”.

I’m sometimes extra lucky, that’s when my classmates, Maxi, Balou and Noa from Dogs school join me for a swim or walk. As you can see on the photo’s we were having a ball at the Hatertse Vennen.

Our owners like to go for a treat at the restaurant St. Walrick, which specialty are the typical Dutch pancakes, nearby. They have a spacious garden, great for us, too. Ideal to relax after a walk or cycle tour. More info, see:

Besides the Hatertse Vennen you can also visit the off-the-leash area of “Recreatiegebied de Berendonck” between Nijmegen and Wijchen. De Berendonck is a big lake surrounded by grasslands, forest and beaches. We are allowed everywhere (run, walk & swim) from 1st October until 1st May. The rest of the year we’re not allowed at the (sun)bath area but we can enjoy the rest of the paths.

There is another interesting off-the-leash area to explore in Heumensoord (600 ha) just Southeast of Nijmegen between de Scheidingsweg, de road Nijmegen-Malden, de road Malden to Groesbeek along the railway Nijmegen-Cuijk. Heumensoord is a mixed forest, great for walks over comfortable paths, also accessible for wheelchairs. We can’t go off-the-lead everywhere, but it’s well signposted and there are plenty of possibilities. In case your humans fancy a snack or drink after a long walk, of course with you(!) there’s a restaurant with terrace closeby: The Paviljoen Zweef Inn.

Enjoy your walk!
High-Five and a paw from Nerone and my guardian Karen

**For more information about rules and off-the-lead areas,  online:

Hotel Caribe , Rota


Hotel Caribe
Avenida de la Marina, 60,

ES-11520 Rota, Andalusia, Spain
Phone: +34  956 810 700
Fax: +34 956 810 136
Web:  Mail:

                                                                                                                                                             Stay: August 2016

Pradillo Conil is a modern style hotel situated just a short 10 minutes walk from the town centre of Conil de la Frontera with its beautiful beaches such as La Fontanilla and Playa de El Roqueo as well as many excellent restaurants and terraces.

The hotel offers absolute tranquillity and lots of facilities for our humans such as a large sunbathing area, chlorine free swimming pools and a lovely garden area providing them the perfect place to relax. We, dogs, are welcome too although we aren’t allowed in the public areas. I, Nimbus, got a very pleasant treatment from the staff.

Here some information about us pets, who are allowed under the following Policy: ”Your pet can not stay in public areas, must be in the arms of the owner or strapped, for reasons of respect for other clients. The pet cannot stay in the room alone for reasons of respect for the cleaning staff, except during breakfast hours, when the pet can be left on the balcony of your room. You must provide a number of credit card as a guarantee in case of damage to the room. Our goal is for our customers to rest, both the pet and the rest of the people are respected and everything is for the good rest and coexistence of both parties”.

My human friend really enjoy the location, the atmosphere and special familiar attention. There’s free parking too. She had to play a supplement for me, but we can’t remember exactly how much that was, I guess about some 10 €/day.

I enjoyed every single moment being with her. Exploring new places, enjoying walks and simply having a great time.

**Situated at only  a short 10 minutes walk from the town centre its perfect to combine the calmness and peace of the hotel with a nice variety of activities in its surroundings. For example sports such as surfing, horse-riding or golf etc. There’s a wide range of restaurants and bars where you’ll be able to enjoy the fantastic local gastronomy.