La Mejillonera de Somera (Bar), Bilbao


La Mejillonera de Somera (Bar)
Ronda Kalea, 29
ES-48005 Bilbao ((Vizcaya, Basque Country)
Phone: +34 944 169 260


“La Mejillonera de Somera”: mussels and much more in the heart of Bilbao’s old town centre. Typical tapas such as “Gilda’s”, pintxos of Spanish omelette hamaiketako style, squid on Sundays… all very traditional in Bilbao but sometimes it’s just nice to have a change, so why not with seafood?

In one of the most characteristic streets of Bilbao you’ll find “La Mejillonera de Somera” no wonder, specialized in mussels! With a distinctive blue-tiled facade, very marine-styled and a modern, open and space interior inviting you with high tables and bar chairs to enjoy some leisure time. Here humans can try a great variety of mussels all differently and well-prepared with tasty  marinades (marine style, spicy, Somera….).  My humans tried a variety of pintxos and a portion of mussels. All looking and smelling great!

Again, it wasn’t a problem at all for me, Tibor, to enter! So I had a terrific day together with my humans in Bilbao.

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