Casa El Cierruco, Santillana del Mar, Cantabria


Casa El Cierruco, Santillana del Mar, Cantabria

la fuente ferrari s/n,
ES-39330 Santillana del Mar, Cantabria, Spain
Phone: +34 645 91 56 45
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                                                                                                                                    Stay: May 2014 and June 2015


I always get excited when Ángel and Mónica start packing their suitcase, ‘cause that means we’re going to fun places. But I never imagined they would take me to paradise.

The moment they opened the door of our car I still remember. I always keep laying down until Mónica says “stand” but this time I couldn’t wait! The smell of a million different things was coming to me so I couldn’t hold myself back and had to stand up and check with my head popping out of the car already. Once they let me, I was trying to take in as many scents as possible using all my olfactory abilities. I sniffed around and followed any trail to not miss one single scent…. everywhere and so strange, … it never ended!!! In my entire life I had never been in a garden that big and more important all for me!!! You can imagine I was running more and more, I just couldn’t stop as I was allowed everywhere, not a single “NO” nor a prohibition.

One day I heard Ángel say “Jazz (that’s me), let’s go to the beach!” – BEACH, I didn’t have a clue what that meant, but the sound of his voice gave away that it had to be a great place. And it definitely was! The beach is big fun, you can run and run over sand and you can go for a swim or simply get wet and play with the water that tries to catch you! I enjoyed myself a lot and I tell you, there were plenty like this. The biggest one in San Vicente de la Barquera, but later I ran around in smaller ones such as in Liencres, Comillas (although that one I saw from a distance only as we dogs aren’t welcome here) and the last one was, Tagle, a tiny one but due to the bad weather conditions I had this beach all for myself!

The Casa El Cierruco is just fantastic, situated only 200 m away from Santillana del Mar. It’s a rural house for rent with three bedrooms, cellar, living room, kitchen and bathroom. There’s WiFi and even a table football to keep humans busy. Ángel and Mónica loved it and said that it was all so charming and homely. It had it all and besides they didn’t have to pay any additional costs at all for me. And although I was allowed to be in all parts of the house, Mónica asked me not to go upstairs as we had all we needed downstairs and there was no reason to go there, which sounded reasonable enough to me. When you ask me, the best of all is the never ending garden. I had a great time running, sniffing and playing around and besides you’ve got great views. It’s now our favourite place in the world and we’re trying to get back once a year. So far I went twice!

We’re always glad to be so welcome and especially Jesús little gestures are making us feel so home. The perfect spot for the whole family!


****From Casa El Cierruco you can easily reach interesting sights such as: The cave El Soplao, the cave of Chufín, Santillana del Mar and the Altamira caves, Comillas or San Vicente de la Barquera beaches’.

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  • Hola, me llamo Silvia. Hemos estado en esta magnifica casa de Santillana del Mar 2 veces. Merece la pena repetir. Nuestro pequeñin Rocky lo paso en grande. 8000 m de terreno para correr libremente sin peligro. La casa estupenda y su dueño Jesús encantador. Os la recomiendo!

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