Casa do Mosteiro (B&B), Ourense


Casa do Mosteiro

Trandeiras, Ourense
ES-32636 Xinzo da Limia, Galicia, Spain
Mobile: +34 635 440703 or +34 610 717080
Web:  Mail:

Stay: July 2016

Woof-Woof, my name is Dana, Husky from Valladolid. This weekend they took me to Ourense to Casa do Mosteiro.

Here I met the best host you can imagine: Rus a handsome and playful Border Collie. We couldn’t stop running around the hills, the garden, the house…. . I felt completely free, no leash, no forbidden areas. I only had to look out for the ticks in the mountains which didn’t bother me too much as I was well protected.

The Casa do Mosteiro offers five double rooms, one of them adapted for people with reduced mobility. There’s a kitchen, dining room, a common area and terrace. All rooms come with a private bathroom, own entrance from both inside as well as the garden, heating, TV, hairdryer… so to say all our humans might wish for.

My humans didn’t have to pay extra fees for me and I had the time of my life…. such a shame that I had to go back to asphalt and concrete. Both of us had a bad time the first days after our separation. Rus got over it by playing with the lawn sprinkler and I did my best to get over it, running next to my human-mum’s bike. I can’t wait to get back. Hopefully I’ll be a lucky kid soon, ‘cause I really was a good girl!!!

Woof-Wooooffff, Dana.

**There are lots of walks around. Have a look yourself on their website. 

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