“travel broadens the mind”…. I certainly do agree! The problem is that we dogs aren’t accepted everywhere. Therefore this site, ‘cause although it isn’t always easy to find a suitable place to stay, nothing is impossible!
You’ll find campsites, B&B’s, hotels, rural houses or apartments….whatever suits you and your human fellows best.
Like always, they expect us to be calm and behave. But,…. I expect this won’t be a problem. I never met a dog so far who was drunk, didn’t want to pay the bill or took away some towels as a souvenir!

As I live in Spain, at this moment I’ve got more possibilities in Spain than elsewhere. Please do join in, if you know appropriate accommodations in other countries as well as in Spain. Of course only places you hardly recommend as this is a non-profit site and not a way of free publicity just because.

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Hotel B&B Reims Centre Gare, Reims


Hotel B&B Reims Centre Gare, Reims

4 Rue Andé Pingat, 51100 Reims, France
Phone: +33  (0)892 705220

Stay: 3rd -4th  June 2016


This year my humans were looking for a different place to stay during our trip from Spain to the Netherlands. They got their eyes on  Reims, famous for its Cathedral. Usually they’re not so fond of hotel chains, but the reviews about B&B Hotel Reims Centre Gare were good and as they accept pets, they booked.

The hotel was very hard to reach due to the one-way roads. We’re almost getting a bit desperate. Finally there it was easy to spot a parking place in a street close to the hotel. They do offer a special price in a garage nearby.

We got a warm-welcome from the girl at reception. She even asked if we felt tired, probably because of the look on the face of my humans. Honestly we all were happy to be there after all.

The rooms were just fine. Better than the Budget Ibis chain, but still typical impersonal rooms as you can expect in hotel chains. Small, basic, but with all you need for a one-night stay. Extra costs for dogs are 4 € each here.

The railway station was situated just behind the hotel and besides to double glass windows it was impossible to overhear them. I, Tibor, and my daughter Tessa we didn’t bothers. Our humans brought earplugs so were fine to.

It was only a short walk from the hotel into the city centre with its amazing Cathedral. We had to cross a park, so Tessa and I were happy about that. The B&B Hotel Reims Centre Gare is definitely a good bet, if you’re fancying a budget hotel for a night if you believe my humans.

**To the  city centre it will take you less than 5 minutes on foot. The Cathedral is amazing. It wasn’t a problem at all for us to be excepted in bars or restaurants (in- and outdoors).

Hotel de France** , Saintes


Hotel de France**

56 Rue Fréderic Mestreau, 17100 Saintes, France
Phone: +33  (0)546 930116, Fax: +33 (0)546 743790

Stay: 2nd -3rd  June 2016

This year my humans were looking for a different place to stay during our trip from Spain to the Netherlands. They got their eyes on Saintes. Hotel de France is ideal for a stopover with its comfortable rooms in a quiet area not too far away from the centre and just opposite of the train station.

It was extremely easy to find parking just in front of the hotel. (Public) The lady at reception was very helpful and gave me, Tibor, a big smile. Tessa made her first experience in an elevator and was very brave. No doubts that she’s my daughter! Our humans decided not to go for the breakfast option, although the breakfast area made a good first impression.

The room wasn’t really big, especially as we brought Tessa’s cave, but we did fit in. What I most loved of it was the window. It was just low enough for me to have a glance at the garden below. Meanwhile our humans were talking about the room that it was good value for their money, small but with all they needed. They seemed happy about it all to me. Only thing… they do charge an extra fee of 6 € per dog here.

Woof, by the way, there are some green areas at the railway station where you can do your thing. Of course make sure, your humans clean up after you! (although the French don’t do that too much… it seems).

**After getting all sorted out the four of us went for a walk. The city centre looked further away than it actually was, in less than 10 minutes on foot you’re in the centre. It took us more as we made a stop next to the river to run a bit around. Saintes is definitely worth a visit (for more details read: walks and sights). It wasn’t hard either to find bars and restaurant where we were welcome too.


Hôtellerie Saint-Yves, Chartres, France


Hôtellerie Saint-Yves, Chartres

1 rue St Eman, 28000 Chartres, France
Phone: +33  (0)237 883740, Fax: +33 (0)237 883749
Web:  Mail :

Stay: 16th -17th  June 2016

This year my humans were looking for a different place to stay in Chartres to offer you a wider range of possibilities. That’s how they found this lovely hotel built on the site of an ancient monastery. Nowadays a hotel were seminars and celebrations take place as well. It’s located just around the corner of the famous Cathedral of Chartres in a peaceful setting overlooking the town.

After having some troubles getting into old town (you should press the button at the restricted areas so they will give you access. The only way to reach the hotel by car!) we finally reached the hotel. We, Tibor and my young 6 months old daughter Tessa were glad to get out of the car. The free parking didn’t have much green but even though we were happy with the fresh air.

The room was great. Not very big, but spacious enough for us and our human couple. You could imagine quiet well that is was a monastery before. Our humans were happy with the comfortable beds and they said it was all OK for one night. The lady at reception was very friendly too.

We were perfectly accepted in the lift/elevator and around the reception area. No extra fees were added. Humans can book an additional breakfast, which mine didn’t. They took is into the village to have breakfast and dinner. Both no problem at all as dogs are in general excepted. Of course only if you know how to behave.

Like I told you before…. Chartres is a place to return. Lots of sightseeing for humans, but also relaxed for us dogs!

 **Chartres is a nice city with an amazing Cathedral.  It’s a nice place to stroll around with some green areas. En general dogs are accepted in bars or restaurants. Check about the latest events at the Tourist Office or mail:


ROC Hotel ***, Arcachon


ROC Hotel ***, Arcachon

200-202 Boulevard de la Plage, 33120 Arcachon, France
Phone: +33  (0)547 724848, Fax: +33 (0)556 832276
Web: , Mail:


Stay: 13th -14th  June 2015


ROC Hotel*** is situated right behind the Casino of Arcachon and close to the beach. We spent here one night on our way back home.

The lady of reception was nice and offered us a room at the ground floor because of me. Getting to the room it didn’t look very special even though I had a terrace, but to be honest it wasn’t bad either.

My humans were happy with the bed and although the bathroom wasn’t really nice, the shower was good. I made myself at home quickly under a small table next to the entrance and I loved being outside at the small terrace.

I was allowed in the common areas but on the leash. We didn’t have our meals in the hotel  so I can’t say anything about it. We paid 5 € a day for me.

 **Arcachon is a very touristy place with a nice beach. Dogs are NOT allowed on the beach, but they are accepted in many restaurants, bars and even some of the shops.


DOMITYS Les Jardins de Reverdy, Chartres


DOMITYS Les Jardins de Reverdy, Chartres

Residence Les Jardins de Reverdy
88-92, rue Saint Brice, 28000 Chartres, France
Phone: +33  (0)237 330300, Fax: +33 (0)237 337711

Stay: 12th -13th  June 2015


My humans were looking for a place to stay in Chartres which resulted to be a quiet expensive town. Finally they found something suitable for our budget and what a surprise….!

DOMITYS is actually a “Residence” for elderly. As it says already it’s a perfect place to stay for older people (due to all the great facilities) but it definitely was perfect for us too.  Once entering you’ll see the reception and a meeting area for the elderly. We got a warm welcome and lots of friendly ladies wanted to say hello to me. I got a lot of positive attention.

The apartment was just great. You could see it’s just the same as all the other people living here have. Entering through a nice hall, you are in a huge living room with a big TV screen, a nice small kitchenette and separately a spacious bedroom with added bathroom with all facilities. I just loved the space I had to lay around wherever I felt like.

I was perfectly accepted in the lift/elevator and around the reception area. No extra fees were added for me.


**Chartres is a nice city with an amazing cathedral. Of course I didn’t enter, but did pose for you guys! It’s a nice place to stroll around with some green areas.


IBIS Bordeaux Centre Bastide, Bordeaux


IBIS Bordeaux Centre Bastide

16 Allée Serr – ZAC Coeur de Bastide, 33100 Bordeaux, France
Phone: +33  (0)557 300090, Fax: +33 (0)557 300091

Stay: 29th-30th May 2015


Just across the river “La Garonne”, behind the Botanical garden of “La Bastide” you’ll find both the IBIS Bordeaux Centre Bastide as well as next door the IBIS Budget Hotel. It takes you only ten minutes on food to reach the city centre of Bordeaux. Plenty of parking space around in side streets, but the IBIS offers paid parking lots too.

As we are already familiar with the IBIS policy, we chose to stay in an IBIS Hotel this time again. Usually there are no extra fees for dogs, but this time there was a small fee of 5 € per day/dog. We got a quiet room overlooking a side street with a comfortable bed (due to my humans,…. I don’t know, they never let me on the bed out of respect to other costumers and so on…). The bathroom was a typical IBIS-style one, and I mainly loved the floor, which was cool and comfy.

I was perfectly accepted in the lift/elevator and around the reception area. 

**Bordeaux is a nice city to stroll around with your humans. I was allowed to enter in several shops, there are nice green areas along the river where you will see lots of humans practising sports. Also, close to the “Gare-St.Jean” railway station, we found a special playground for dogs. I had some fun with two puppy pit bulls here.


Chambre d’hôte Deskantsuan, Guéthary


Chambre d’hôte Deskantsuan

46 impasse Assombrenia, Zapatain Bidea, 64210 – Guéthary, France
Phone: +33  5 59 26 54 12, Mobile: +33 6 77 97 51 18

Stay: 28th-29th Sept. 2013

Chambre d’hôte Deskantsuan is situated in a quiet street near the centre of Guéthary, just a walk away from the beach and restaurants.

Although it was a bit hard to find, it didn’t took us long the reach this nice place. We parked our car at the private parking place and I explored the garden immediately. The lady of the house spook Spanish and gave us a warm welcome.

The rooms on the ground floor do accept animals. Nice cool tiled floor and several drinking spots in the garden for me,… fantastic! We went soon after arrival for a walk to the beach and the lady recommended us a nice restaurant at the beach where I was welcome to!

My humans were happy with the breakfast and free WiFi and that they didn’t have to pay extra fees for bringing me. I just loved the garden.
**You can make nice walks to the beach! We didn’t see signs prohibiting access to dogs, so I went for a swim too.