I don’t like it very much when my humans leave me in the car. Although it’s like a second home to me, temperature changes are a fact and mainly it’s extremely boring. Sometimes strangers even knock on the window and I’m not sure what they want from me. That’s why I recommend you all to take us with you, while you’re going for a meal. Here you’ll find some nice RESTAURANTS and bars here we dogs are welcome too.

Like always, they expect us to be calm and behave. So remember not to bark or run around! A lot of those places offer even special facilities such as a drinking bowl for us.

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Restaurant Le Pichet 3, Chartres


Le Pichet 3, Chartres
Restaurant, Café, Evénements

19 Rue du Cheval Blanc, 10 Rue de l’Étroit Degré
FR-28000, Chartres, France
Phone: +33  (0)237 210835  Mail:

 Visit: June 2016

Situated next to the Cathedral of Chartres you will find this cosy restaurant. Access from two sides! We were just strolling around once my humans saw this attractive restaurant. After popping in to ask if Tessa and I (Tibor) were allowed to come in too and the answer was an extremely friendly “Yes, of course”, my humans didn’t hesitate for a second.

Healthy and honest food is served in a cosy atmosphere. Warm colours and nice details, such as books, maps, pieces of art are found everywhere. I, Tibor, loved the fact that my humans choose for a pleasant corner with plenty of space for Tessa and me to stretch our legs.

My humans were positively surprised by the presentation of their food and the friendly service. Definitely a great place to take a nap while your folks have food.

Le Restaurant d’Alice, Arcachon



Le Restaurant d’Alice, Arcachon
Place des Marquises – Rue Jehenne
FR-33120 Arcachon, France
Phone: +33  557 720550  Web:


Situated in the centre of Arcachon we found this interesting restaurant and library all in one!
The nice menu invited us in immediately and once asking if I was allowed to come in we got a big smile and an “of course” for an answer.

My humans were certainly surprised by the presentation of their menu and I was pleased to receive a water bowl myself. Good food and friendly staff. I would suggest, go and have a try yourself!