I don’t like it very much when my humans leave me in the car. Although it’s like a second home to me, temperature changes are a fact and mainly it’s extremely boring. Sometimes strangers even knock on the window and I’m not sure what they want from me. That’s why I recommend you all to take us with you, while you’re going for a meal. Here you’ll find some nice RESTAURANTS and bars here we dogs are welcome too.

Like always, they expect us to be calm and behave. So remember not to bark or run around! A lot of those places offer even special facilities such as a drinking bowl for us.

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Auberge De Zwaan (Restaurant), Oirschot


Auberge De Zwaan (Restaurant)

Markt 4
NL-5688 AJ Oirschot
Phone: +31 499 55 14 14
Web: , Mail:

August 2016

Woof Tibor, it’s been a while that you came over to visit me. We played so nice together, remember? Tessa was still a bit shy back then, although later she did join in.

This evening my owners took me for a walk to the centre of Oirschot. They took a seat at the terrace of Auberge de Zwaan right on the market of Oirshot. When my humans got their drinks served I got spoiled too! What a surprise, they didn’t only bring me a bowl of fresh water, but also some delicious homemade biscuits!

At Auberge De Zwaan humans can enjoy a good glass of wine or even a lunch, high tea or diner. From the terrace you’ve got a great view over the historical market and the St.-Pieterschurch of Oirschot. A great spot! I just wanted to share this with you as I just had an unforgettable summer evening. You should go and see for yourself.

Woof-Woooofffff Rossi

Eetcafé Enjoy, Aalten


Eetcafé Enjoy
Markt 8
NL-7121 CS Aalten
Phone: +31 (0)543 475144


In the centre of Aalten next to the tourist office you’ll find several bars and restaurants. We took a seat outside and enjoyed a snack at the terrace. There were several water bowls for dogs around. Very inviting!

Once we paid the bill we asked about the possibilities indoor. Dogs are allowed without any problems as long as they obey (obviously). They’ve got a nice menu and a great selection of snacks, tapas, high-tea, diner and go so on.

For more information check their website. They’re also on Facebook.

Villa Voorstad, Foodcafé, Nijmegen


Eetcafé Villa Voorstad Nijmegen
Marialaan 106
NL-6541 RN Nijmegen
Phone: +31 (0)24 378 3318


Visited: June 2015

In the old western part of the city Nijmegen you’ll find this hot-spot “Eetcafé”. Great for lunch and dinner. At walking distance from the city-centre, but also with a free parking at location. Free WiFi and a great warm welcome for dogs. There are lots of costumers coming here weekly with their pets for a tasty meal.

The modern restaurant also has got a lovely terrace overlooking a quiet main street. When we went, there were two more dogs taking a nap under the table of their humans. A handsome German Shepherd and a pretty Golden Retriever. We just crossed some looks and went on with our lives.

My humans especially raved about the typical Dutch “Saté” and I must admit all the food smelled just great from under the table. They offer us always fresh water too. Fantastic!

For more information check their website. They’re also on Facebook.


Koenders Café-Restaurant, Breedenbroek



Café-Restaurant Koenders
Terborgseweg 61
NL-7084 AB Breedenbroek
Phone: +31 (0)315 651304

Web:, Mail:

Visited: June 2015

Right on the main street you’ll find Café-Restaurant Koenders, a traditional family business with more than 75 years of experience. The bar decorated in Old-English style invites you to have a pint, but also the restaurant and the cosy terrace overlooking the quiet main street are lovely.

We sat outside enjoying the nice afternoon sun with a nap of water and for my humans a glass of wine with some snacks. The staff was friendly and we were told that dogs are allowed inside as well.

Koenders also does renting, organised parties (weddings, birthdays, hunt competitions etc.) or caterings. Get yourself informed on their website.

De Klok, Café, Eibergen


Café (Food & Parties & Catering) De Klok
Grotestraat 84
NL-7151 BD Eibergen
Phone: +31 (0)545 477475

Web:, Mail:

Visit: June 2015

Situated in the heart of Eibergen, next to the church with a nice cosy terrace makes it impossible to overlook “The Klok”. This great local bar provides snacks, set menus and food a la card. We asked if I was allowed inside as well, because my humans wanted to see a football match that night. They told us that dogs were welcome in- and outside without a problem.

So we had a nice diner and they even brought me a water bowl. The staff was really nice and my humans were very happy with the food.

De Klok also does renting, organised parties (weddings, birthdays etc.) or caterings. Get yourself informed on their website.