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Like all dogs I love to explore! Enjoying a long walk in the mountains, an interesting city trip with nice parks, the open sea together with some waves and a beach where I can’t get tired of a cool fresh breeze, a rocky river…. just name it!

This site is particular about walks suitable for dogs. For instance, walks without a lead, unrestricted beach areas and, agility parlours, parks, playgrounds, water taps and go so on.
Also festivals, sights, special events might be an option. I’ve enjoyed once an open-air concert based on music and sounds which I enjoyed a lot. By the way, I wasn’t the only dog back then.


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Dogs Paradise “walhalla” – Rijk van Nijmegen


Dogs Paradise “walhalla” – Rijk van Nijmegen

INFO: Staatsbosbeheer Rijk van Nijmegen-Zuid
Donderbergweg 3
NL-6611 KL Overasselt, Gelderland
Phone:  024-6221767


Walks (off leash) / Water / Restaurant

 Done: July 2016

De Hatertse  Vennen (530 ha) are situated between Nijmegen, Wijchen and Heumen and are part of “Het Rijk van Nijmegen” a true paradise for dogs. My name is Nerone, and I love going there with my human Mum Karen. It’s a huge nature area with a beautiful fen and an off-the-lead walking area for us dogs. Great for a splash! Let’s have a party! It’s absolutely dog friendly  and also accessible with a wheelchair. There’s  free parking nearby, just in front of the Cheese farm “De Diervoort”.

I’m sometimes extra lucky, that’s when my classmates, Maxi, Balou and Noa from Dogs school join me for a swim or walk. As you can see on the photo’s we were having a ball at the Hatertse Vennen.

Our owners like to go for a treat at the restaurant St. Walrick, which specialty are the typical Dutch pancakes, nearby. They have a spacious garden, great for us, too. Ideal to relax after a walk or cycle tour. More info, see:

Besides the Hatertse Vennen you can also visit the off-the-leash area of “Recreatiegebied de Berendonck” between Nijmegen and Wijchen. De Berendonck is a big lake surrounded by grasslands, forest and beaches. We are allowed everywhere (run, walk & swim) from 1st October until 1st May. The rest of the year we’re not allowed at the (sun)bath area but we can enjoy the rest of the paths.

There is another interesting off-the-leash area to explore in Heumensoord (600 ha) just Southeast of Nijmegen between de Scheidingsweg, de road Nijmegen-Malden, de road Malden to Groesbeek along the railway Nijmegen-Cuijk. Heumensoord is a mixed forest, great for walks over comfortable paths, also accessible for wheelchairs. We can’t go off-the-lead everywhere, but it’s well signposted and there are plenty of possibilities. In case your humans fancy a snack or drink after a long walk, of course with you(!) there’s a restaurant with terrace closeby: The Paviljoen Zweef Inn.

Enjoy your walk!
High-Five and a paw from Nerone and my guardian Karen

**For more information about rules and off-the-lead areas,  online:

Cycle tours throughout the Netherlands


Cycle tours throughout the Netherlands
Post Box 1024/2340
NL-2340 BA Oegstgeest
Phone: +31 88 123 8999

Source: “vrienden op de fiets” 2015


Exploring the Netherlands by bicycle is a must for all those who love the combination of culture, views, good food, discovering hidden gems and  meanwhile doing some exercise! In case your an active dog, like me, tell your humans all about the following possibilities.

In 2015, my humans decided to take me, Tibor, on a trip to the Netherlands homeland of my human “mum”. Before we went they got a membership by an organisation called “vrienden op de fiets” (friends on a bike). You pay 8€ for a membership (or 10€ if you life outside the Netherlands – online booking no problem). Soon you’ll receive a card with personal number, a map with connected trails all through the Netherlands and most important of all an address guide book. The foundation offers a network of overnight addresses for sporty types going on multiple-day trips. These addresses are often situated along splendid cycling and hiking routes in the Netherlands. You can set off anywhere in the country – and stay overnight and have breakfast in people’s homes for a bargain price (Only 19€ a day per person including breakfast. Kids special prices, dogs on request in lots of accommodations possible).

The addresses aren’t on the internet and you’ll only have access to make a reservation by giving your membership code at booking. It’s a fabulous way to get to know the Dutchies and it’s much cheaper than staying in official places such as B&B, pensions or hotels. What to expect?

Well, a warm welcome, a made-up bed and a hardy breakfast!

You can do a cycle trip around the country in less than or month, or special sightseeing trails along the typical mills, cities, the hills in the south or dikes in the north. All trails are connected as so called “knooppunten” which are knots connecting one trail by another. Always well-signposted with numbers, the distance in kilometres, names of cities and villages, where you are and where to go next.

Have a look yourself on their website and see for yourself. I tell you, I had the time of my life! I couldn’t believe that my humans were able to move that fast!

Walks Off the Lead Areas, Holland


 Off the lead areas (DOLA-areas)/ the Netherlands

 Source: “te voet” wandelkrant van Nederland 2015


Walking with your Dog off Lead in one of the Netherlands nature parks isn’t that easy.  Mainly you’ve got to have your dog on the lead or it’s completely forbidden to enter in a natural park, especially when we’re talking about areas with animals such as deer, rabbits or simply cows or horses around. Anyone not respecting those rules must count with warnings or even ….. .

Who legally likes to walk with a dog off lead can go to several special, so called DOLA (Dog off Lead Areas or in Dutch “Honden Loploop Gebied”), areas. Here dogs are allowed to walk off the lead, so no restrictions. Please have your dog within visual distance and under voice control when doing so. A lead and a waste bag should be carried anyway.

Here an overview of over more than 80 different DOLA areas in the Netherlands principally public areas owned by the government. At each place you’ll find indicated with signs, where exactly your dog is allowed to walk freely. Be aware of changes, so always mind the signs!


AREA (by Province) Where off Lead? OWNED BY LOCATION/TOWN
Ter Apeler Bossen Kloosterbos SBB Ter Apel
Vledderbos -a limited part- SBB Stadskanaal
Lauwersmeer Northern area Ballastplaatbos, SW Kollumeroord, 3rd beach from Lauwersoog SBB Lauwersoog
Trimunt Area until Postdijk SBB Marum, t.n. A7
Fochteloërveen Compagnonsbossen, Westside Mr. Lokstraat NM Appelscha
Ameland Camping Koudenburg and area North of camping Roosduinen in Ballum SBB Ameland
Vlieland Forest around the village Vlieland SBB Vlieland
Koningsdiep Demersken at Ureterp and Hemrikkerscharren at Hemrik SBB Wijnjewouden
Oranjewoud Tuimelaarsbos: part at Heerenveen-South, North of Woutsterberg and a couple of small fields/areas SBB Heerenveen
Gaasterland Balksterbos at Balk and a part of Elfbergen at Oudemirdum SBB Balk
Drents Friese Wold Everywhere, except fields with herds. During summertime dogs are completely forbidden around the pond SBB Diever
Nationaal Park Dwingelderveld Everywhere, except fields with herds SBB Ruinen, Dwingelo
Boswachterij Exloo-Odoorn Everywhere, except prohibition at the sheep-park, on the leash at the Odoorner dennen and Molenveld SBB Exloo, Odoorn
Boswachterij Gees Everywhere, except at the Hoge Stoep during herding season SBB Nieuw Balinge, Gees
Boswachterij Sleenerzand Everywhere, except around the Keijl and the Galgenberg SBB Weezup
Boswachterij Staphorst Northern part of Natte Neuzenpad at N-E of Punthorst SBB Staphorst
Boswachterij Hardenberg South of N34

East of N36

SBB Hardenberg
Sallandse Heuvelrug Hellendoornse Berg, Northside of Almeloseweg; between Klinkenbeltweg and Hellendoornseweg; Kattebos and Teesselinkveld at the eastside of Holterweg SBB Nijverdal, Hellendoorn
Voorsterbos At dagrecreatiecentrum De Voorst SBB Kraggenburg
Kuinderbos Around parking Hopweg in Kuinre, Natte Neuzenroute starts from parking Schansweg SBB Kuinre
Wisentbos Everywhere SBB Swifterbant
Roggebotszand Everywhere, except forest K. Wilhelminabos SBB Northeast of Dronten
Reve-Abbertbos Everywhere SBB East of Dronten
Spijk/Bremerberg Everywhere, except Spijkvijver/strand (pond/beach) SBB near Elburg
Hollandse Hout On the right of the Buizerdweg, behind Camping ‘t Oppertje SBB Lelystad
Almeerderhout A part near Langewetering, Vongerspad and Oude Waterlandseweg and a part between Meentweg and Stanleypad SBB Almere-Haven
Horsterwold Triangle Spiekweg, Groenewoudseweg and waterloop; small narrow area between Zeewolde and Camping De Dasselaar; part beach-area Nuldernauw SBB Zeewolde
Hulkesteinse bos Triangle Nijkerkerweg, Slingerweg and Wielse Tocht SBB Near Spakenburg and Nijkerk
Veluwezoom Rozendaalse veld, Landgoederen Beekhuizen, Heuven, Rhederoord, bossen Hadenou en Schaddevelden NM Arnhem
Wolfheze Northern area A50 NM Wolfheze, Doorwerth
Zwolse Bos Everywhere SBB Heerde, Wapenveld
Boswachterij Nunspeet Zandenbos, area near Vierhouten, Belvedèrebos SBB S-E Nunspeet
Speulderbos Around (outskirt ring) Speulderbos SBB Putten
Boswachterij Garderen Area between Hoge Boeschoterweg, Harderwijkerkarweg and Apeldoornsestraat SBB Garderen
Boswachterij Kootwijk “Recreatieterrein” area Caiwickerzand SBB Kootwijk
Terrein bij Ugchelen/Hoenderloo “Recreatiegebied” area ’t Leesten SBB Ugchelen, Hoenderloo
Slangenburg From Doetinchem area on the right of Varsseveldseweg SBB Doetichem
Boswachterij Ruurlo Forest area De Meene SBB Ruurlo
Rijk van Nijmegen Part of Groesbeekse bos (forest) SBB Groesbeek
Landgoed Mariënborn Parts of Hoog Erf and Landgoed Mariëndaal GL Arnhem
Duno Between Oosterbeekseweg and Dunolaan GL Oosterbeek
Zwaluwenburg -see signs at location- GL Oldenbroek
Landgoed Bonenburg -see signs at location- GL Heerde
Petrea -see signs at location- GL Wapenveld
Sysselt -see signs at location- GL Ede
Landgoed Schaffelaar -see signs at location- GL Barneveld
‘t Velde -see signs at location- GL Warnsveld
Landgoed Hagen Lane behind the hospital GL Doetinchem
Orderbos -see signs at location- GL Apeldoorn
Kaapse bossen At theeschenkerij Helenaheuvel (teahouse) NM Doorn, Maarn
Tienhovense Plassen Kanaaldijk NM Nieuw-Loosdrecht
Boswachterij Austerlitz Leftside of Woudenbergseweg, coming  from Zeist SBB Woudenberg, Austerlitz
De Vuursche Everywhere, except Heideterrein De Stulp SBB Baarn
Grafelijkheidsduinen Parts, see signs at location NHL Den Helder
Naaldenveld Parts, see signs at location NHL Aerdenhout
Corversbos N-E side NM Hilversum
Nijenburg Middle of the forest NM Alkmaar, Heilo
Pettermerduinen Southern area, Sint Maartenszeeweg SBB Petten
Hollands Duin Everywhere, except during breed season from 1-3 en 1-8 SBB Noordwijk
Duingebied Wassenaar Everywhere, except during breed season from 1-3 en 1-8 SBB Wassenaar
Bosgebied Gazenhoek Everywhere, except during breed season from 1-3 en 1-8 SBB Wassenaar
Haagse bos Everywhere SBB Den Haag
Alblasserbos Everywhere, except dog prohibition in the forest of Papendrecht and Heemtuin in the forest Wijngaarden SBB Alblasserdam
Regterheide Northern part BL Goirle
Loonse en Drunense Heide DOLA-route from parking Ijsbaan Kaatsheuvel, DOLA area at Restaurant Bosch en Duin in Udenhout NM Loon op Zand
Vresselsbos From parking Vogelsven follow Blauwe (blue) paaltjesroute SBB Nijnsel, Sint-Oedenrode
Liesbos Western area between Moerdijkse Postbaan and Huisdreef SBB Breda
Mastbos Area north of Bouvignedreef SBB Breda
Boswachterij Dorst Dongense Heining, Frederiksbossen en De Seterse Bergen SBB Breda, Rijen
Boswachterij Chaam en Ulvenhoutsbos Voorbos Ulvenhoutsbos between gemeentehuis en fazanterie, Chaamse side of Chaams forest until Huisdreef SBB Chaam, Ulvenhout
Boswachterij Leende Area, left at entrance Leenderbos SBB Valkenswaard, Leende
Bij Grote Heide Around info centre Limburgs Landschap LL Venlo
Bergerbos Area, about 1,5 km away from the village SBB Afferden
Bosje naast Neckermann Everywhere SBB Hulst
Braakmanbossen Southern part, Isabellakanaal SBB Filippine
Kunstbos Everywhere SBB Axel
Bos bij Nummer Een Everywhere SBB Nummer Een
De Schotsman South of Campensweg, over paved and unpaved trails SBB Kamperland
Krekengebied Ouwerkerk Oostkreekroute SBB Ouwerkerk
Boswachterij Westerschouwen Western of the Weijdeweg SBB Westenschouwen
Grevelingen Some small fields SBB Schouwen-Duiveland
**Owned by:

NM = Nature Monument; SBB = state forest; NHL = Noord-Hollands Land state; GL = Geldersch Land state; BL = Brabants Land state; LL = Limburgs Land state