Cycle tours throughout the Netherlands


Cycle tours throughout the Netherlands
Post Box 1024/2340
NL-2340 BA Oegstgeest
Phone: +31 88 123 8999

Source: “vrienden op de fiets” 2015


Exploring the Netherlands by bicycle is a must for all those who love the combination of culture, views, good food, discovering hidden gems and  meanwhile doing some exercise! In case your an active dog, like me, tell your humans all about the following possibilities.

In 2015, my humans decided to take me, Tibor, on a trip to the Netherlands homeland of my human “mum”. Before we went they got a membership by an organisation called “vrienden op de fiets” (friends on a bike). You pay 8€ for a membership (or 10€ if you life outside the Netherlands – online booking no problem). Soon you’ll receive a card with personal number, a map with connected trails all through the Netherlands and most important of all an address guide book. The foundation offers a network of overnight addresses for sporty types going on multiple-day trips. These addresses are often situated along splendid cycling and hiking routes in the Netherlands. You can set off anywhere in the country – and stay overnight and have breakfast in people’s homes for a bargain price (Only 19€ a day per person including breakfast. Kids special prices, dogs on request in lots of accommodations possible).

The addresses aren’t on the internet and you’ll only have access to make a reservation by giving your membership code at booking. It’s a fabulous way to get to know the Dutchies and it’s much cheaper than staying in official places such as B&B, pensions or hotels. What to expect?

Well, a warm welcome, a made-up bed and a hardy breakfast!

You can do a cycle trip around the country in less than or month, or special sightseeing trails along the typical mills, cities, the hills in the south or dikes in the north. All trails are connected as so called “knooppunten” which are knots connecting one trail by another. Always well-signposted with numbers, the distance in kilometres, names of cities and villages, where you are and where to go next.

Have a look yourself on their website and see for yourself. I tell you, I had the time of my life! I couldn’t believe that my humans were able to move that fast!

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