Dogs Paradise “walhalla” – Rijk van Nijmegen


Dogs Paradise “walhalla” – Rijk van Nijmegen

INFO: Staatsbosbeheer Rijk van Nijmegen-Zuid
Donderbergweg 3
NL-6611 KL Overasselt, Gelderland
Phone:  024-6221767


Walks (off leash) / Water / Restaurant

 Done: July 2016

De Hatertse  Vennen (530 ha) are situated between Nijmegen, Wijchen and Heumen and are part of “Het Rijk van Nijmegen” a true paradise for dogs. My name is Nerone, and I love going there with my human Mum Karen. It’s a huge nature area with a beautiful fen and an off-the-lead walking area for us dogs. Great for a splash! Let’s have a party! It’s absolutely dog friendly  and also accessible with a wheelchair. There’s  free parking nearby, just in front of the Cheese farm “De Diervoort”.

I’m sometimes extra lucky, that’s when my classmates, Maxi, Balou and Noa from Dogs school join me for a swim or walk. As you can see on the photo’s we were having a ball at the Hatertse Vennen.

Our owners like to go for a treat at the restaurant St. Walrick, which specialty are the typical Dutch pancakes, nearby. They have a spacious garden, great for us, too. Ideal to relax after a walk or cycle tour. More info, see:

Besides the Hatertse Vennen you can also visit the off-the-leash area of “Recreatiegebied de Berendonck” between Nijmegen and Wijchen. De Berendonck is a big lake surrounded by grasslands, forest and beaches. We are allowed everywhere (run, walk & swim) from 1st October until 1st May. The rest of the year we’re not allowed at the (sun)bath area but we can enjoy the rest of the paths.

There is another interesting off-the-leash area to explore in Heumensoord (600 ha) just Southeast of Nijmegen between de Scheidingsweg, de road Nijmegen-Malden, de road Malden to Groesbeek along the railway Nijmegen-Cuijk. Heumensoord is a mixed forest, great for walks over comfortable paths, also accessible for wheelchairs. We can’t go off-the-lead everywhere, but it’s well signposted and there are plenty of possibilities. In case your humans fancy a snack or drink after a long walk, of course with you(!) there’s a restaurant with terrace closeby: The Paviljoen Zweef Inn.

Enjoy your walk!
High-Five and a paw from Nerone and my guardian Karen

**For more information about rules and off-the-lead areas,  online:

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