Hotel Casona del Nansa, Herrerías

Hotel Casona del Nansa, Herrerías

Puente el Arrudo
ES-39550 Herrerías, Cantabria, Spain
Phone: +34 942 727685

                                                                                                                                 Stay: Summer 2012


Nestled in nature in an old mountain house recently renovated in 2010, Casona del Nansa Hotel is located in Puente el Arrudo, a town of the Cantabrian municipality of Herrerías, a beautiful Cantabrian municipality in the basin of the Nansa River and the Nansa Natural Park. The hotel offers comfort, tradition, homemade food featuring dishes by the Chef, and personalized service. But, the best of all: they allow pets! We Chess and Jack  are two cats we love to travel with our humans.

The fact that we’re allowed in all common areas too, is really great! By the way, our humans had breakfast next to  a table with a couple with two poodle dogs, and we the cats gave company to our humans one night at the hotel bar while they were having some Gin Tonics. We also enjoyed playing outside in the garden, where there is a playground for children.

**Casona del Nansa Hotel is close to nearby natural highlights such as: the cave of El Soplao, Chufín, Santillana del Mar and The Altamira Cave, and the beaches of San Vicente de la Barquera and Pechon… these natural treasures are all less than 15 minutes away from the hotel.


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