Hotel Emperatriz III ****, Salamanca



Hotel Emperatriz III ****

Avda Padres Paules nº2 –
ES-37900 Sta Marta de Tormes, Salamanca
Phone +34 923 281 599; Fax +34 923 281 666
Web:  Email:

                                                                                                                                                             Stay: February 2016

Hotel Emperatriz III, is a four-star hotel, perfect for those who want to take a break or simply enjoy their variety of facilities and have a rest. It’s a privilege to have a choice of multiple possibilities within walking distance of the hotel situated close to the city centre of Salamanca.

Like always I, Nimbus, was in charge to keep my human friend, and tutor Ana company. She’s great finding the perfect location where we dogs are more than welcome too. The staff treated us nicely and made us feel immediately at home.

Our room was wonderful and spacious. We found a welcome-card on the bed with some sweet for humans. Look, I posed with it so you’ll get the idea! My tutor loved the room with all its details. And I’m always fine, when she is!

Great as well is, that there are no additional costs for us dogs but you do have to tell on forehand that you’re joining your humans. Children are not allowed to stay in this establishment.

The only disadvantage is, that we aren’t allowed to stay alone in the room neither we have access to the common areas such as the restaurant and cafeteria. But fortunately there are plenty of options in the city of Salamanca to go dining or visit bars for tapas.

I enjoyed Salamanca a lot. Nowadays it’s a fantastic, sparkling city especially because of its university and cultural life. In 1988 the city became on  UNESCO’s World heritage list. Nowadays it’s a city of national as well as international interest. Definitely worth a visit. According to the wide range of tapas bars, the smell is really nice in almost every corner of the city! It’s more or less a 25 minutes’ walk from the hotel to the city centre.

**Hotel Emperatriz III is situated in the city of Salamanca, part of Castilla y León located in the West of Spain with Zamora in the North and Cáceres in the South, Áliva in the East and Portugal in the West. Also close to Madrid, about 210 km.



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