San Glorio Pass – 1,609m


San Glorio – Mountain Pass 1,609 m.
N-621 Potes – Riaño, Cantabria, Spain

 Done: every year again

San Glorio Passis a mountain pass at the elevation of  1,609 m above sea level, located in the Picos de Europa, a mountain range of Northern Spain. The pass is traversed by the N-621 road on the border between Cantabria and Castile and León.

From Potes in Cantabria this mountain road is indicated wit Riaño (León). The surface of the road is asphalted, and chains or snow tyres can be required throughout the year. Usually there isn’t much traffic. In case you suffer on those kind of roads, ask your humans to make some stops along the road. There are natural springs along the road, starting with Potes, one en Naroba at km 4 (on the left) and at km 20 (on the right), in case you need some fresh water to recover!

This unique pass has been an important access in the past up to now to connect Liébana with the province of Castile and León. It’s a wonderful and magic spot specially when it’s covered with snow (usually from November to April) to enjoy the views and roll yourself around in the cool white snow. During the first 10 km you’ll pass several villages. In La Vega your humans can have great meals or inform themselves at the Tourist office (open during high season only).

At the viewpoint ‘El mirador del Corzo’ you’ll find a beautiful statue of a Deer from where your humans can make amazing photos and gaze about the views. The view over the valley below our paws is impressive. A bit further away, you’ve reached the pass now, there is also a paved dead end for 2 km up to another viewpoint called ‘El Mirador del Oso’ at Collado de Llesba with its impressive statue of the Brown bear. Definitily worth a visit too.

I (Tibor) try to go every year as soon as there’s snow. Lately we take my daughter Tessa too, as she loves snow just  as much as I do! There are signs with walks too, but we usually just walk a bit around having fun. Nowadays you see more and more humans with ski’s or families with their young ones playing and enjoying the snow as well.

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