Walk “Mt. Ernio”, Gipuzkoa


Walk “Mt. Ernio”, Gipuzkoa
ES- 20500 la Venta de Iturriotz, Gipuzkoa, Basque Country, Spain

Duration approx. 2,5 hrs.
8,2 km / 496 m altitude difference / easy – moderate

Done: Summer 2016

Ernio is a great mountain of Gipuzkoa which can be found between the valleys of Oria and Urola. During the month September every Sunday and especially the last one, it’s the stage of one of the most important pilgrimages held on Zelatun, where thousands of people come together.

I, Moon, would like to talk about this amazing walk which is easy to moderate with a total altitude difference of 496 m. Some parts are a bit hilly and rocky so especially humans have to take good care.

Me and my human friend Mari Jose started from la Venta de Iturriotz. We took a track leading downwards to a small hermitage San Juan from where we started walking upwards through a forest. How I love the forest with its spectacular and graceful trees. It always smells great which so many different scents, I feel unable to explore everything! As I behaved very well, Marijo let me walk off-leash all the way.

The track is at all times well-signposted. After going up a bit we arrived at the meadows of Zelatun. Zelatun is a great spot to have a rest and drink some water, not only for us, but also for our humans. After this point you’ve got to continue on the left to get higher up from the South-East of Ernio mountain. Probably your humans will go a bit slower from now on as here there are quiet some rocks to pass. So have some patience…. .

The last part, about more or less 1 km is getting even more hilly. Being 200m away from the top you’ll pass an altitude of 1000 meters and a more rocky area. This might be a bit more complicated for some. To me it was a breeze! Later on you’ll reach a tiny little hut know as Erniozaleak. Again a great spot basically for humans to get some air and water.

From here to reach the top it’s getting more rocky and somewhat steep, but it is definitely worth the effort. The views are absolutely amazing from here. You can see the mountain range and lots of small villages, on a clear day astonishing. I, Moon, enjoyed this day so much!


**More information about the walk you can find online. One website with good info is: http://www.rutasporgipuzkoa.com/ruta-29/monte-ernio-subida-desde-iturrioz

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