Walk “Pendueles – Andrín”(E9 – Senda Costera)


Walk “Pendueles – Andrín”(E-9) / Senda Costera

ES-Pendueles, Asturias, Spain

Duration approx. 4 hrs. / coastal walk
18 km (9 km one way only)
Tourist Office: +34 985 400164 

Done: April 2015


The “Senda Costera E-9”walk is an easy walk along the green coast of Asturias. This walk is very well signposted and starts from the village Pendueles (Easily accessible from the highway). You’ll find a sign with details about duration and altitude differences at the bowling place not far away from the railway station in the middle of Pendueles. The walk actually connects Pendueles with Llanes. Doing the full walk it would be 14 km one way. In case you park your car in Pendueles and have to come back, count with 28 km return. There are busses and trains, but with a limited schedule. Inform yourself on forehand about timetables. We dogs are only allowed to travel by train in Spain!

The walk start passing some houses with dogs, they’ll probably bark at you to say hello! Soon you’ll leave the village behind you. The walk is mainly over a sand-grindstone path always along the coast but only partly with a direct view over the sea.  I, Tibor, loved the salty smell of the sea mixed with plants and animals. You’ll be able to meet sheep (my favourites), goat, cows and horses along the path. You can walk off the lead but be aware of some working dogs taking care of the herd.

Right at the beginning you’ll pass a campsite “La Paz” with a lovely river and next to the small beach of Vidiago. There’s no sign prohibiting us to stroll around this beach, but be aware that dogs in Spain officially never have access to beaches and less during high season. In this case not really a big deal as you’ve got the river, partly forest and lots of open fields to enjoy yourself.

Later on you’ll reach the “Bufones de Arenillas” (Natural Monument) a great open area with view over the sea. Be careful with the tricky holes in the rocks. It might be better to stick close to your humans here. Again you’ll find a sign giving information about the area.

Afterwards you’ll pass along Eucalyptus trees to reach the river Purón. Great views again and the best comes once you reach a beautiful wooden bridge. Here you’ll find a picnic area for humans and you could go for a swim yourself. I played with my humans “catch the stick”, one of my favourites!

Now it doesn’t take long before reaching the village of Andrín . There’s a lovely beach too. But same story here. Officially we dogs aren’t allowed. There are several bars and restaurants. We are allowed outside at the terrace, we didn’t find a place where I was allowed to come inside.

As we parked our car in Pendueles and didn’t want to complicate things by using public transports, we decided to turn back from Andrín instead of continuing all the way to Llanes. Anyway, as this walk is very well signposted all along the walk with E-9 you won’t have any troubles to go all the way to Llanes.

**For more information about the walk you can inform yourself at the Tourist Office. Online: www.llanes.com and about the Bufones de Arenillas see: youtube.com/llanesturismo.

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