Walk San Pedro de Bedoya – Monte Lobá, Liébana



Walk San Pedro de Bedoya – Monte Lobá (Cahecho)/ Liébana
ES-39583 San Pedro de Bedoya, Liébana, Cantabria, Spain

Duration approx. 3,5 hrs. / circular walk
10,7 km / difficulty: moderate 

Done: Autumn 2021

The Bedoya valley belongs to the most occidental part of the Sierra de Peña Sagra. This walk starts from the village San Pedro de Bedoya, my valley (!). Once arrived the village, there’s space to park at the graveyard and some more next to the school bus stop. Unfortunately you won’t find information about this walk at the information board. Instead of starting from the bus stop you must take the path just before reaching the parking lot at the graveyard.

The walk is partly signposted but not as well as other walks starting from here. In case you’re doing the full circular walk count with a bit over 10 km.  Take this trail along the river “Riega de carundino” passing a shed right at the start. The smell of this beech forest is overwhelming. The shade is just what you’re looking for on a hot summer day and in general you won’t meet a soul. You won’t notice only beech, there also chestnuts, holly and much more. In Autumn it’s fun to play hide and seek with all  the fallen leaves. One of my favourite games!

All the time you have to follow the main path ignoring the side paths on your left. This zigzag trail will lead you all the way up until you reach a junction with 4 paths. This part of the mountain is called Monte Lobá. To the south the path would lead you down to the village of Cahecho. In case you’re doing the circular walk continue way up to the East. Still through the forest. From now on it’s getting steeper and wider. Later on turning into a firebreak path. Once reaching an more open spot with great views on both sides (on the right the village of Cahecho – Valle Estrecho, and on the left San Pedro in the Valley of Bedoya) we continue following the path downwards (North). Again we enter in Monte Lobá. Surrounded again by beeches enjoy our great developed sense of smell. You won’t get enough of doing so, here.

Finally the path is ending near some kind of tree plantation. Follow the path downwards along the river. Soon you’ll reach a spring (stone) and a gate to make sure cows won’t cross. Smell the variety of ancient chestnut trees, they’re incredible! Also you’ll be able to explore trees such as hazel, the black poplar, European ash or willows…..  all close by the river so cool and fresh during the summer!

Follow the path which will lead you all the way down back to San Pedro de Bedoya where you started from.  There are some dogs in the village but don’t worry we may bark but en general we’re friendly pals.  I hope you will enjoy a fab day in my valley.

*For more information visit the tourist office in Tama. Ana, the lady at the office speaks English too.

**As we’re walking outside of the National Park, we’re free of restrictions. Discover the riverside, the trees, get track of footmarks of other animals, in other words: behave like a dog! One thing I tell you,… in case of spotting a herd in one of the fields, stick closely to your humans and don’t greet with too much enthusiasm, ‘cause they might be under vigilance by another pal of us (usually a Molloser) or they simply prefer to stay calm. During hunting season it’s a similar story. You should be aware of the fact that it’s different now. You must stay with your humans now and I would suggest to walk on the lead to avoid your instinct will take over control! You might feel like going for a deer or wild boar…. the smell is extremely tempting.

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